Council was warned over Shrewsbury pool glass safety three years ago

By Dominic Robertson | Shrewsbury | Politics | Published:

Shropshire Council was warned about the safety of glass panels surrounding |Shrewsbury's Quarry Swimming Pool back in 2014, it has emerged.

The Quarry pool

The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre, owned by Shropshire Council and managed by Serco Leisure, reopened last Saturday after a two-month closure required to clean glass shards out of its pool and filtration system.

The glass had managed to get into the pool when a panel on a staircase at the side of the pool shattered.

It has now been revealed that a building survey from November 2014 had highlighted that the location of some glass panels was "a risk" and that the glazing, which was not toughened or laminated should be replaced.

In a statement, Shropshire Council said that the safety of the panels had been addressed during the recent closure, although it insisted that the broken panel was not down to the type of glass used.

A spokesman said: "The operator of the pool, Shropshire Community Leisure Trust, and their managing agent, Serco Leisure, are fully aware of the issues raised in the conditions survey and those associated with maintaining the ageing Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre.

"While the recent shattering of the glass panel was not as a result of the type of glass used, during the pool closure appropriate steps were taken to improve the safety of the glass panels around the spectator gallery and risks of this occurring again were mitigated by the removal of the staircase on poolside.

"This followed an assessment by a structural engineer and recommendations for remedial work."

The council said that more checks would be carried out to see whether further improvements are needed.


The spokesman said: "Shropshire Community Leisure Trust and Serco Leisure will continue to undertake checks in conjunction with Shropshire Council and review any further health and safety remedial measures required.

"All other issues raised in the conditions survey have been fully addressed."

Despite the safety of the panels being improved in the past two months the 2014 report said: "Glazing around the spectator areas was considered to be in ‘at risk’ location under the definition provided by Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The glazing was not thought to be toughened or laminated and should therefore be replaced. In addition there were other areas throughout the property that incorporated cracked or damaged glazing (doors, screens etc.), again these areas should be replaced."

The panel is believed to have shattered during the night, and was discovered by workers arriving at the centre in the morning.

It is thought that the metal on the balustrade had rusted and expanded putting pressure on the panel and causing it to shatter.


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