Shrewsbury Town Council to scrutinise 'every move' in swimming pool review

By Dominic Robertson | Shrewsbury | Politics | Published:

Work on Shrewsbury Town Council's bid to keep a swimming pool in the town's centre has been put on hold while new options are considered.

The Quarry swimming pool

Shropshire Council agreed last week to carry out a review of alternative town centre sites for a swimming pool – going against its earlier decision to close pools at the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre, and build a new facility at Shrewsbury Sports Village in Sundorne.

The change in heart came after Councillor Peter Nutting became leader of Shropshire Council in May – Councillor Nutting had previously been vocal in calling for the pool to remain in the town centre and ordered the review.

Shrewsbury Town Council had been working on a business case to keep the pool in the town centre but Shropshire Council's decision to review town centre sites has put that process on hold, despite consultants having been commissioned to report on the matter.

Councillor Alan Mosley, leader of Shrewsbury Town Council said they would be scrutinising "every move" to ensure that the pool remains in the town centre.

He said: "We commissioned consultants to help with the bid some time ago so they have more or less completed their work, so their findings will be useful, however we are pleased that Shropshire Council is reconsidering and are particularly looking for a future site within the town centre rather than moving the baths out to Sundorne.

"We believe that this satisfies the public demands made in the consultation and also will protect the town centre economy and provide swimming provision that is accessible to all in the Shrewsbury area.

"We will be watching developments very carefully to ensure the apparent commitment to the town centre becomes an unequivocal reality.

"Our concern is that the baths stay within the town centre for all the reasons that have been well rehearsed and that the public overwhelmingly supported in the consultation. We will be scrutinising every move that will be made to ensure this becomes an unequivocal reality."

Last year Shropshire Council's cabinet voted to build a new pool at Shrewsbury Sports Village, but due to public pressure allowed until October for other groups to come up with alternative plans to keep the pool in the town centre.

However, when the cabinet approved the latest review it also agreed to halt that bid process, although it has insisted that the original decision on the preferred location of Sundorne is still in place.


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