Shropshire and Mid Wales politicians welcome Conservative-DUP pact

The £1 billion agreement between the Conservatives and Democratic Unionist Party to prop up Theresa May’s Government has been hailed as a “good deal” by the region’s Tory politicians.

The DUP agreed a deal to support the minority Conservative government
The DUP agreed a deal to support the minority Conservative government

The deal struck in 10 Downing Street 18 days after the June 8 General Election also saw the Conservatives formally ditch plans to abolish the triple-lock protection for state pensions and means-test the winter fuel payment during this Parliament.

Under a “supply and confidence” arrangement intended to last for the full Parliament, the DUP guarantees that its 10 MPs will vote with the Government on the Queen’s Speech, the Budget, and legislation relating to Brexit and national security.

Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies said he believed the deal was a good one for the country. He added extra money for Northern Ireland was not unreasonable, saying: “The deal is a consequence of the general election and what has happened, and it looks like a good deal.“I think most things are agreed, obviously one point people won’t agree on is the extra money that has been given to Northern Ireland, but it isn’t the same as anywhere else. With the violence and troubles they have had, it is part of the UK and I think the government are justified in giving that extra money.”

“People will say it is the price we have had to pay for losing the general election, but I don’t think that is the case.“Now the deal is done it will allow things such as the Queen’s Speech to progress, measures on terrorist attacks, important parts of Brexit, and a host of other big issues.”

Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski said: “My attitude is we needed to secure an agreement with them to have a sensible, small majority to pass legislation through. It is a very important period over the next two years for negotiating Brexit and we needed to secure an agreement. I am delighted that the two parties have come together to get a supply and confidence agreement passed and I look forward to working with them.

“The DUP Members of Parliament are doing what any MP would do which is to fight for the interests of their constituents. I think in the issues they have raised they are doing what any MP would want to do to fight for their constituents. They are doing their jobs.

“Every member of parliament now has more power because of the very small majority the Government has and clearly I will be working with other Conservative MPs to take advantage of this and demand more money for Shropshire schools.”

“Northern Ireland has been traditionally an area that has required significant Government public assistance given the difficulties there have been and the way the country is developing.”

Telford MP Lucy Allan said: “I am pleased that an agreement has now been established between the Government and the Democratic Unionist Party. This is a confidence and supply arrangement to ensure that key legislation can be put through Parliament. It is not a coalition government.

“This is a crucial time for the United Kingdom, with important work to be done at home and abroad. The most important task now is getting on with Brexit and it is good news that the DUP have agreed to support legislation on this.”

“Having won the most votes and the largest number of seats in the House of Commons, only Theresa May’s Government has the ability to lead us forward.”

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard said it provided much-needed stability to the country.

He added: “I am glad an agreement has been reached that will provide a stable Government but has not compromised the Conservative party’s distinct values.”

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