General Election 2017: Shropshire and Mid Wales MPs vote in favour of snap poll

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The region's MPs unanimously backed the Prime Minister in her successful bid to force an early general election.

Philip Dunne, Owen Paterson, Daniel Kawczynski, Lucy Allan, Mark Pritchard, and Glyn Davies, all voted with the government to abandon the fixed-term parliament for 2015-20, and instead hold a general election on June 8.

The six MPs, who all represent the Conservative Party, were among 552 members of parliament who voted to approve plans for the snap election. Just 13 voted against.

Owen Paterson, who represents North Shropshire, said he had supported the vote because a general election victory would strengthen Theresa May's hand in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Mr Paterson also revealed he would like to see the fixed-term parliament act scrapped.

He said: "The Prime Minister and her cabinet have decided they want to have an election and within the constraints of the fixed parliament act, which I hope we will eventually get rid of, there has to be a vote in parliament."

He added: "Winning an election will strengthen her position and it means there would be no cliff-edge with a general election hanging over her at the end of the negotiations.

Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow, said the logic of holding an early general election was "quite compelling".

He said: "I think it is the right thing to do and we need to get on with it.


"It is critical that in going into the most significant negotiations in this country for a generation that the Prime Minister has as strong a hand as possible."

Mr Dunne added: "We need a strong, stable leader to chart us through these choppy waters ahead and the only time she could have a general election to give a strong mandate as prime minister is now.

"The French are having their general election before detailed negotiations take place and I think the logic is quite compelling."

Mark Pritchard MP, who represents The Wrekin, said: "Winning the election will strengthen the Prime Minister's position nationally and internationally.


"Getting her own mandate will be a boost for the Brexit negotiations – as well as setting a strong agenda on health, education and and defence."

Montgomeryshire MP, Glyn Davies, said the Prime Minister had been left with "little choice" due to frustration over Brexit.

He said: "I think she had little choice because so many parliamentarians have not accepted the referendum result and are seeking to reduce her ability to secure a good deal for Britain – and really I think in the hope of forcing a change of mind from the British public."

Daniel Kawczynski, who represents the Shrewsbury and Atcham constituency, said that the Prime Minister could not risk entering into negotiations over Brexit with a general election hanging over her.

He said: "Theresa May's message is a very palpable one, that she needs the strongest possible hand and mandate to negotiate the strongest possible Brexit.

"That is being impeded by the Labour Party and we need to support the Prime Minister in getting a mandate to get the best possible deal for our country."

He added: "This is very much a Brexit election. Will the will of the British people be implemented or not?

"The other thing that really resonates with me is the timing is very important.

"If the negotiations were coming to a conclusion with a few months to go before a general election our European partners would see that as a sign of weakness and use it to push for concessions."

Telford MP Ms Allan added: "Theresa May has done exactly the right thing for the country in calling an election.

"She needs a strong majority in Parliament and this election will deliver that.

"This election is a vote for Brexit and a vote for Theresa May and her leadership.

"I welcome the news, as a strong majority in Parliament is needed in order to deliver for the country."

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