Council staff in Welshpool could be given body cameras

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Council staff could be kitted out with police-style body cameras in an effort to combat problems with fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour in Welshpool.

The town council is considering arming its staff who are out and about in the town with the cameras, in a bid to help them catch litterbugs in the act and louts causing problems on the streets.

The council's services committee will discuss the plans at a meeting tonight after it was suggested by police at a meeting between the council and police officers.

Robert Robinson, town clerk, said: "We are looking into body cams for our staff out and about which will not only help us to catch anyone littering, but any other offences going on, for example anti-social behaviour.

"After police actually suggesting it, we think the cameras would be a really useful evidence gathering tool.

"In terms of fly tipping, the time for warning people has gone, it's gone too far now and councillors are now looking to get people prosecuted and that can't be done without evidence.

"Don't get me wrong this isn't a problem exclusive to Welshpool, it's happening everywhere. We don't want to become like big brother but we have to make sure the town is a nice place for residents and tourists to visit."

Last month almost 50 bags of illegally dumped waste were found behind Welshpool Town Hall and the Foundry Lane area of the town.

While last week mounds of litter were found outside the town's Poundland store. Council staff cleared up the mess but the following morning, more rubbish was dumped in the same spot.


Mr Robinson said the cameras would be similar to police body cams.

He said: "These cameras will also help to keep our staff safe.

"I think they will be an extremely useful tool and all it takes is staff clicking a button if they catch someone deliberately dropping litter or causing problems, and within seconds we have that evidence without the perpetrators even knowing."

Last year Welshpool Town Council opened up a hotline for residents to report any instances of anti-social behaviour in the town.

The drive drive was set up to encourage people to report incidents of crime and vandalism in the community.

Members of the council's services committee will discuss the plans for body cameras at tonight's meeting.


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