Tesla’s Model S now capable of 370 miles on a single charge

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Upgraded powertrain makes the Model S the longest-range electric car on the market

Upgrades to Tesla’s flagship Model S and Model X electric cars have increased the range of their top-end models to 370 miles and 325 miles respectively.

A new drivetrain design incorporating a more efficient motor has allowed Tesla to squeeze more range out of its existing 100kWh battery pack, fitted to Long Range models. Under the USA’s EPA testing cycle, the Model S achieved a range of 370 miles – around 35 miles more than before.

This has come about thanks to a new optimised permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, plus new electrics, improved lubrication, bearings and gear designs. Tesla now claims the powertrain offers 93 per cent efficiency, and even improves acceleration times.

It’s not just longer range on offer, as the new electrical system is capable of accepting faster rates of charge than ever before – up to 200kW via the very latest of Tesla’s superchargers. In theory, this could charge the car’s 100kWh battery totally in half an hour – though cycles to protect the battery’s lifespan would likely increase this slightly.

Range is also aided by a new air suspension system, which hunkers the car closer to the ground in high-speed cruising for improved aerodynamics. Both Model S and Model X gain this system, which is now fully adaptive to allow separate ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ modes, depending on the driver’s preference.

The revised ranges are available to order now, and Tesla’s offering a sweetener to repeat customers. Existing Tesla owners who wish to buy a new Model S or Model X will get Ludicrous Mode – an acceleration upgrade usually priced at $20,000 – thrown in free of charge.

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