Free studio sessions for up-and-coming Shropshire musicians

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Up-and-coming Shropshire musicians are being invited to record their material in a professional setting with the help of college students – for free.

Music production students at Telford College in Wellington have been hosting live sessions for artists at the college's new recording studios, and have already hosted a number of groups from around the county.

The programme, dubbed DynamicLive, also includes online videos created from the recordings. While DynamicLive is in its infancy, artists can have their work recorded for free.

Marcus Byczkowski, one of the students who runs the sessions, explained: "We're bringing in local talent into a professional environment to record live sessions, in the style of AudioTree, Colors and Little Elephant.

"We're basically following in the footsteps with the live session aspect, bringing in artists of all different genres to produce something with a different energy than just the original song on its own. You get that visual aspect to it and it kind of gives you a more energetic experience I would say.

"With these other channels, they're kind of focusing on fairly well-known artists, we're trying to find more underground, newer artists right now and see if we can help them out – giving them a product that they can show to promoters, potential new fans, labels, etc."

See the latest studio session at Dynamic Live here:

Depths Union - 'Afterwards' @ Dynamic Live

Some of the artists to have featured on DynamicLive so far include Shrewsbury three-piece The Losing Score, Telford College's own Depths Union and acoustic singer-songwriter Anna Silvers.


Marcus continued: "It's starting off as showcasing local talent, but we'd love to expand out and get more artists from around the UK in if we could.

"We want to work with as many artists as we can, but it is a good way for smaller artists to get into that environment.

"We're currently doing the recordings inside the college studio, they've just set up all new facilities, but we will be looking for a new setting after July time.

"Artists aren't paying anything right now as we're just getting everything rolling. Pricing is something we'd have to look into if we get an actual following I guess."

Any artists or groups interested in getting involved can contact DynamicLive via or

Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star based at Ketley in Telford.


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