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Praise after Telford homeowners use garden hose to 'limit damage' of roof blaze

Firefighters praised homeowners who used a garden hose to limit the damage from a roof fire at a house in Telford.

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A fire engine in The Fields, Donnington

Ten firefighters in two fire engines were scrambled from Telford Central station to The Fields, Donnington, at 7.18pm on Friday, to reports of a fire in the roof of a house in the narrow rural lane.

Officer in charge Tim Hughes, from Telford Central station said: "Thanks to the quick actions of the homeowners and my firefighters we were able to limit the damage.

"The homeowners were able to use a garden hose until we arrived."

Building work is being carried on at the property and Mr Hughes said the damage was limited to sheeting. The cause of the fire was not known on Friday but it was confirmed that there were no injuries to people or any reports of persons being involved in the fire.

Firefighting teams faced the challenge of getting their vehicles down the narrow lane leading to the house, and had to run a long hose down the lane to the nearest hydrant. Two firefighters used a 13.5m ladder to reach up to the roof and two hosereel jets to put the fire out.

Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service's control received the incident stop message just over half an hour later at 7.58pm but firefighters were on scene after that clearing up.

Two police community support officers from West Mercia Police were also on the scene. They used their vehicle to prevent any others from driving up the lane.

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