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Married then divorced, Telford couple hope to tie the knot again after re-kindling their flame

A couple who have rekindled their love after being married, then divorced, hope to tie the knot again later this year.

Jean Phillips, 71, and Rex Bowers, 81, with Labrador Isca and Jean's daughter Sam. They were previously married and then parted but found love again

Jean Phillips, aged 71, and Rex Bowers, aged 81, of Telford, had been married for 32 years before a family row led to them splitting up when he did not take his beloved's side.

They picked up their lives with other partners.

Jean had a daughter, Sam Edwards, and a grandson, Liam McLafferty, while Rex also found other love.

But sadly, both their partners died, and when their paths crossed once more, they realised that it was time to re-kindle the old flame.

"We got engaged three weeks ago," said Jean. "He said he had a question for me, I said 'are you proposing?' he said 'yes' and and I said 'yes'."

Rex said: "We had been managing our lives quite well but I put her out the door.

"We were doing well and had a really good marriage."