Telford mum launches new appeal as little Dulcie prepares for round seven of cancer treatment

An appeal has been launched for raffle prizes to help a Telford mum provide treatment options for her six-year-old daughter.

Cheeky Dulcie blows a rasperry for her social media followers. Picture: Debbie O'Kelly
Cheeky Dulcie blows a rasperry for her social media followers. Picture: Debbie O'Kelly

Little Dulcie O'Kelly, from Dawley, is fighting stage four neuroblastoma and is the first patient in the UK to be involved in a revolutionary treatment trial.

But the success of the treatment is not a certainty and mum Debbie O'Kelly has launched an appeal to boost funds. Treatment abroad is likely to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Luckily little Dulcie has a mini army of supporters in the county who have been dubbed Dulcie's Warriors, who have already raised thousands of pounds through their efforts.

Dulcie taking a crunch out of her favourite chocolate bar. Picture: Debbie O'Kelly

Debbie said: "I’ve launched an appeal for prizes to raffle off to hopefully kickstart my daughter's campaign

"I don’t know what I would have done without #dulcieswarriors already but we still need your help."

Dulcie will be heading off to Leeds for the seventh stage of leading edge treatment in April and there are other options if that does not lead to the vital remission.

Debbie said on her Instagram page: "As many of you know my daughter has stage 4 neuroblastoma and I've been fundraising - along with an army of people - to help my daughter get to America for a vaccine to stop this disease from ever coming back, however to get that we first need to get her into remission.

"This part is proving the most difficult as she has become chemo resistant and as such she is currently undergoing a clinical trial where we have to travel to Leeds for her to receive this treatment. She's the first one to be entered into this trial within the UK."

Debbie added: "We are due to head back up in April for round 7 and then reassessment scans to see if this is working. Should this not prove the case then we need to look elsewhere for other treatments. We do have one more potential but may have to also seek alternatives in other countries.

"This is where I need help, I am looking for prizes to raffle off that will help me raise much needed funds to get my daughter the possible treatment she may need. If you're able to donate a prize or maybe know of someone that can, then please drop me a message."

Dulcie was diagnosed in December 2021 and since then she and her mum have been through some heartbreakingly tough treatment.

Debbie told her followers on social media: "I won’t repeat what she said but it made me realise she is going through things that an adult wouldn’t be able be able to contend with, let alone a young six-year-old child

"She absolutely amazes me with her strength, her resilience and her bravery.

"I truly wish I could take all this from her and protect her like a mother is supposed too but all I can do is be there for her and cuddle her as best as I can and hope that’s enough."

After Dulcie recently finished a sixth round of treatment, Debbie added: "So many have asked '“how is it going?' and 'is it working?' - these are questions we do not have the answers for.

"She has one more round to go before we head into a week of biopsies and scans.

"We remain optimistic and hopeful that this will work like it did in the beginning but with so many variables and neuroblastoma being such a complex disease you just never know

"So for now we eat pancakes, skip, pull funny faces, wear tutu’s, shop for random items and laugh because what is the alternative?"

You can message Debbie via her instagram page

There is also more information and contact details on the fundraising page at

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