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Kennels seek canine retirement home for heartbroken 'old gentleman' dog Brodie

A Shropshire rescue kennel team is hoping to find one of the kennel's oldest residents a quiet retirement home after helping him go viral on social media.

Staff at Hilbrae think Brodie is between ten and 12 years old

Brodie, who staff believe is between ten and 12 years old, came to Hilbrae Rescue Kennels at Cold Hatton Heath, near Shawbury, as a stray and was never reclaimed.

While the "typical old gentleman" of a dog has been a hit on social media, his age means he's often overlooked in the kennels.

Cheryl Gibson, of Shropshire Canine Enrichment, said the old boy wants nothing more than a quiet place to live out his retirement.

She said: "He's a typical old gentleman. All he wants is a warm bed and a little plod about, he doesn't ask for anything.

"He's invisible in kennels because he's quite vocal - he's got a proper grumpy old man bark. But he's just sad, he's really happy to be out of kennels."

Despite a video of Brodie's heartbreaking howl racking up over 10,000 views on TikTok in just three days, Cheryl says he's still waiting to find his forever home.

For more information contact Hilbrae Rescue Kennels on 01952 541254.