Wolves on display at Telford zoo attraction - with pictures and video

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Two fearsome-looking wolves are available for the public to see at a Telford animal attraction this half term, having settled into their new home.

Lycan and Tala are the newest residents at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom near Preston upon the Weald Moors.

Lycan is actually a hybrid with German Shepherd lineage and even wears a collar, though Tala is all Grey Wolf.

Wolves on display at Telford zoo attraction

They arrived in Telford back in early October last year but had to be quarantined for two months before they could be integrated into the animal kingdom.

They were previously part of a private collection and had been used in film work, as well as to provide 'Make a Wish' experiences for ill children.

Due to a change of circumstances their previous owner had to give both wolves up.

Hoo Farm had an enclosure space spare and stepped in at short notice to rehome the furry friends.


Lycan and Tala

Now they are acclimatised to their new home, the pair are on public display this February half term.

In future the wolves could even become part of one of Hoo Farm's hands-on experiences, depending on how they react to human visitors.


Some of the zoo's other exotic residents include African servals, binturongs from Indonesia and adorable wallabies.

Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star based at Ketley in Telford.


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