Watch: Prankster buys one of every item at Telford Pound World in viral video

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It cost more than £1,600, but one YouTube creator bought one of every item at a Pound World in Telford as part of an online prank.

Jay Swingler, who runs the TGFbro channel on YouTube, visited the shop on the Wrekin Retail Park to purchase one of everything on offer.

And after filling up trolley after trolley and loading it into a van, he emptied it all out into his friend's room.

The full cost of the visit was £1,642 – and the unusual shopping trip has now gone viral and has been seen by almost one million people worldwide.

WARNING: Video contains very strong language

I Purchased 1 Of Everything From The Pound Store And Filled My Friends Entire Room..

"We're all familiar with the pound shop," he said. "I thought of the idea of going to the nearest shop and purchasing one of every item.

"Then we'd take them items and plant them in my friend Romell's bedroom.

"Everybody had the same question - how much money would that cost and how many items can you get? And what would the variety be?"


The 12-minute video includes Jay filling his trolleys with items from across the shop.

Jay and his friend filled trolley after trolley in the prank

He bought everything from individual cans of pop to medicines, pet food and novelty goods.

And while he filled his trolleys, staff at the shop watched on from the aisles.


"Is this the record for the most money ever spent in a pound world?" Jay asked, with staff jokingly confirming that it was.

And after the items were paid for – and the world's longest reciept had been printed off, Jay takes the items in a white van over to his friend's house.

"It's going to trash his room," Jay said. "He's not cleaning this up for days.

It took at least seven trips to empty the van

"We've got the keys to his idea and we're going to get in there. Romell has no clue what is about to happen – I feel so sorry for him.

"The extent we've gone to for this prank is like nothing we've ever done before."

Jay and his friends carry the items up to the room in a duvet colour – but still had to make at least seven trips to empty out the van.

When Romell arrived, Jay hid in the cupboard to catch his reaction.

The items filled the bedroom

"This isn't a joke," Romell said. "Do you think it's funny, because it isn't. Do you know how long it took me to clean this room?

"There's so much stuff. The worst thing about all this is it isn't just Jay's money that paid for this, it's both our money. I paid for my own demise."

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, the video has had nearly one million views, and has been liked by over 210,000 people.

Jay Swingler

More than 4,240 people have commented on the video since its release.

It's just the latest prank Jay and Romell have uploaded to the TGFbro YouTube channel, which has about 3,740,000 subscribers.

Other popular videos include the friends bathing in nettles and setting themselves in jelly overnight.

The videos regularly hit over five million views.

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