Campaigners claim success in Ludlow battle over the 'road hump with no bump'

Campaigners have claimed success in their battle over a "speed hump with no bump" outside a Shropshire primary school.

Parents had complained about the new speed bump outside Ludlow Primary School saying it actually made vehicles faster
Parents had complained about the new speed bump outside Ludlow Primary School saying it actually made vehicles faster

Last year, councillors and parents were disappointed when a raised table was installed on Sandpits Lane, Ludlow, saying it had made the traffic situation in the area worse due to there being "hardly any bump".

Now however, Councillor Tracey Huffer, who represents Ludlow East including the Sandpits area on Shropshire Council, is claiming success after the details of a new road calming scheme were revealed.

The whole area has been assessed by traffic engineers who have come up with a new scheme with more obstacles in the carriageway.

Three new speed humps east of the raised table and two groups of two humps to its west will be added to the road. There will also be changes to road signs and markings.

Councillor Huffer welcomed the new scheme as "just what we need".

She added: "Safety outside Ludlow Primary School on Sandpits Road has been of concern ever since the crossing attendant retired and was not replaced.

"It is a densely populated area and there is a lot of traffic along the road. The pavements are narrow in places and it doesn’t feel a safe place for children to walk.”

“The new scheme will at last slow traffic down. This will make Sandpits Road much safer. Western Power Distribution is expected to move from its Riddings site to a new depot off the Eco Park in the next few months. That will also help ease the traffic pressure on Sandpits Road.

“Drivers also have role to play. The speed at which some drive is unacceptable. They should keep their speed down, especially when children are around.”

Fellow Ludlow councillor Andy Boddington said the scheme was due to be implemented during this financial year is good news.

"They will give speeding drivers a jolly good clunk," said Councillor Boddington.

"By having more obstacles it should make Sandpits Road less attractive to use and thereby reduce the volume of traffic."

Councillor Boddington also wants to see Ludlow covered by a 20mph speed limit but sees no prospect if that happening any time soon.

"Shropshire Council is very reluctant to lower the speed limit but it would help people to feel more comfortable using the road and would help encourage more people to cycle."

The raised table, called locally as the "hump with no bump", will also be treated with a buff non-friction surface and its markings refreshed.

Councillor Boddington added that an assessment of the area has also recommended that street lighting in the area is improved, though this will need to wait until the next upgrade of lights on Sandpits Road.

New Road Layout Ahead signs, one of which was installed facing in the wrong direction, will be removed as they are only required to be in place for three months.

Road markings will be refreshed and the double yellow no waiting lines on the north side of the road extended.

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