Ludlow 'being left behind' in park and ride plans

Claims have been made that the south of the county is being left behind in plans to revamp Shrewsbury’s park and ride while the Ludlow service is left unchanged.


Shropshire Council has said the Ludlow park and ride is not in line for any work despite repeated pleas from the town for improvements to the run-down site on the Eco Park.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Monday, council leader Peter Nutting said: “There are no current plans for Ludlow park and ride site or connecting bus services, although it is recognised that an overall movement strategy for the town needs to be considered as part of the wider developments recently approved in the town.”

He did however commit to reviewing security at the site in an attempt to address anti-social behaviour.

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Following the meeting, Ludlow mayor Tim Gill said he was disappointed that Ludlow was not being given the same opportunity as Shrewsbury to create a new service that was fit for purpose.

Councillor Gill said: “Ludlow Town Council and local groups have long been concerned about the park and ride in terms of the service and continuing deterioration of the site through neglect by Shropshire Council.

“I personally think the site is a disgrace, it is unwelcoming and the service is not frequent or quick enough to encourage people to use it. It is a poor advert for Ludlow.

“The meeting of Shropshire Council showed why many people in Ludlow think it should be re-named North Shropshire Council.

“The south of the county is the poor relation.

“Many people think the demise of the district councils has resulted in great swathes in the south of Shropshire being neglected in favour of a north-centric policy.”

Shropshire councillor Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North, said the state of the town’s park and ride was deterring residents from using it and putting off visitors.

He said: “I am very disappointed that Shropshire Council still has no plans for improving Ludlow park and ride. It seems to be out of sight, out of mind for the council leadership.

“The state of the parking area is a disgrace and has been for years. Disabled parking signs have been knocked over and the parking surface is in places dangerous.

“This should be a gateway to Ludlow that our town and Shropshire Council should be proud of. Instead, it is an embarrassment. It is very difficult to explain to visitors why the park and ride is such a mess.”

Councillor Boddington welcomed Councillor Nutting’s pledge to review security, saying: “Anti-social behaviour has been a problem at the park and ride site for many years.

“The site is visited in the evenings by young racers and the noise from them skidding around can be heard a long way away, and the overnight litter is appalling. Shropshire Council’s contractors have to clear fast food wrappers, bottles and nitrous oxide canisters from the site almost every day.

“I am pleased that Peter Nutting has said that he will personally investigate this. We will be holding him to that promise and look forward to his report and proposed solutions.”

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