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Council near Shropshire applies for new power to fine drivers for moving traffic offences

Cameras in a council area close to Shropshire are set to be used to catch drivers who are breaking moving traffic laws like parking on school keep clear markings.

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Towns including Leominster in Herefordshire are included in a £100,000 project where the council takes over the enforcement of certain moving traffic enforcement cases from the police which will allow them to concentrate on more serious offences.

Although the council's application to the Department for Transport (DfT) for new powers will start off in Hereford, sites in other towns, including Leominster, have been identified. And school sites across the county are set to get particular attention.

Leominster Town Council's planning and highways committee has already resolved to support proposals to enforce moving traffic contraventions by camera at the Green Lane/Ginhall Lane junction and stopping on school keep clear markings.

Enforcement in more sites will depend on the council earmarking further funds in the 2023/24 budget. A mobile camera could be used to cover school parking enforcement across the area.

Councillor John Harrington, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said: “The change in the regulations announced by the UK Government will mean that councils will be able to deal with these matters in the same way that it does parking, with the registered owner being held liable and notified via the post.

"Due to this change, cameras would then become the most effective tool to identify contraventions, ensure maximum compliance and promote safety on our roads, which is ultimately the aim.

“The issuing of penalties will not be automated - all penalties will be reviewed by a trained enforcement officer prior to issue, and there will be an appeals process in place just as there is with parking.”

Offences covered by the rules include going the wrong way down a one way street; turning left / right where banned including U-turns; accessing and driving into pedestrian zones; contravening a no entry including access only; stopping on a yellow boxed junction; driving in cycle and bus only routes; restricted access / weight limits and stopping on a school keep clear marking.