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Clean-up mission well underway at centre in South Shropshire

Volunteers have been working hard on a flood clean-up mission at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre following Storms Ciara and Dennis.

The recent storms have caused destruction at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

The Onny Meadows are natural flood plains so the team at the centre are no strangers to the sight of washed away paths and fallen down fences, and clear up missions have been carried out on numerous occasions in the past.

However, the recent weather has caused more destruction then usual at the centre in Craven Arms.

The Onny Meadows volunteer group have repaired the washed away all-ability access path to the popular picnic spot, Kingfisher Corner.

Meanwhile, the Habitat Helpers, who meet on the first Sunday morning of every month, have been working on clearing away all of the mess brought in by the floods.

The floods also washed in lots of rubbish and plastic so volunteers have been helping to clear that away and recycle it correctly.

Centre Manager Grant Wilson said: "Storm Dennis brought destruction to large parts of Shropshire and the beautiful Onny Meadows did not escape its effect.

"Our fences were knocked down by the force of the water, pathways were damaged, trees uprooted and the bridge into the play area was swept away.

"As soon as the floods receded, the Discovery Centre volunteer groups sprang into action trying to repair the damage and restore the areas to their former beauty."

Work began last week with a big clean up followed by a day re-laying all the paths which provide access to all the beautiful spots in the meadows.

Their attention has now turned to removing all the fallen trees and repairing damaged fencing.

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