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Can you solve mystery over prom dress mannequin in telephone box

It's not uncommon to pass a telephone box and notice that it's occupied – but it's not every day you find one home to a mannequin.

The mannequin was spotted yesterday by Fiona Gibson

A female model in a glittery pink prom dress appears to have taken up residence in one of the old red telephone boxes in Shropshire.

Located in the south of the county, on the road the road from Lydbury North towards Aston on Clun, it was spotted by Fiona Gibson while she was on her way home.

She took to Twitter to share her discovery and said: 'Spotted on the way home. Shropshire is always full of surprises! I’m sure there must be a story behind this somewhere…'

Now, the Shropshire Star is appealing to find out the story behind this mystery prom queen.

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