Victim Nikki urges people to speak out against assisted dying

By Sue Austin | Clun | News | Published:

A Shropshire woman who was completely paralysed for five months when she contracted the "locked in" Guillian-Barre syndrome is urging people to write to their doctors urging them to speak out against GPs being given the right to carry out assisted suicide.

Nikki Kenward

Nikki Kenward, from Aston-on-Clun and a member of The Distant Voices, is a passionate campaigner against assisted suicide.

The Royal College of General Practitioners is surveying members on the subject asking GPs to submit answers by December 13. In a previous survey GPs were opposed to a change.

The Distant Voices and anti-euthanasia pressure group ALERT have joined forces to produce a newsletter about the situation which includes a form people can give to their doctor.

Mrs Kenward found herself unable to move, trapped in her own body when she contacted the syndrome almost 30 years ago.

She said that there had been times then, when she had wanted to die. But she said she had gone on to see her son grow up and, despite her disabilities, was living proof that people should carry on living.

Palliative care

"We are aware that just about everyone has a view on this and just about everyone has been asked what their opinion is. Everyone but us, the people, the ones who it will most affect." she said.

"We recognise the importance of developing great palliative care. People often think if you block assisted suicide it is because you want people to suffer miserable deaths when we want the complete opposite."


"We must remember that many disabled people are just a chest infection away from death and, at the age of 67 I know that as I get older it will get harder."

Mrs Kenward said that everyone talked about safeguards being put in place.

"But we know that safeguards can fall down and history tells us this. I fear that if we open this door we will go down a dreadful, slippery slope."

"I have a different life to the one I though I would have but I have a life."

Anyone who would like a newsletter which contains the form can contact

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