It's under there somewhere: Teenage Shropshire metal detectorist finds wedding ring hidden in snow

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A 13-year-old Shropshire boy and his metal detector came to the rescue when a man lost his wedding ring clearing the snow off his car.

The snowy scene where the ring was lost. Right, Dougie with the ring.

Arwyn Wynne-Williams, 32, was travelling from Cardiff to North Wales on December 8 when the snow made driving too difficult so he abandoned his car in Church Stretton to hop on the train.

When Arwyn and his wife Louise, 34, got back to the car on December 11 it was covered in snow and they cleared it ready to head home.

Arwyn, an IT developer, said they got half an hour away from Church Stretton when he realised his wedding ring was missing.

They headed back and searched in the snow but could not find it, as a last-ditch attempt Arwyn posted on a local social media group asking residents to let him know if it was found.

That is when Chrissie Fox and her son Dougie headed down to the site with a metal detector.

The wedding ring

Chrissie said: "I really felt for them and the sentimental loss that they must be feeling, I wanted to help.

"Last year for Christmas I bought my older sons a metal detector, but we haven't used it, it was still in the box, but thought it was worth a go.


"So me and my son Dougie went to the train station and started to look.

"It was quite funny as we thought we were getting somewhere near but it was the metal railings!

"We then heard a beep a bit further away and dug down and found the ring, we were gobsmacked and so happy for the couple.

"Church Stretton is amazing town, we are a great community and we all help out anyone who needs our help."


The wedding ring back in Cardiff

Chrissie posted the ring out to Arwyn which arrived in Cardiff the next day.

Arwyn said: "We realised when we were back in the car that my ring was missing so we headed back to search.

"A couple of locals took my number just in case it was found.

"When it was found we were both really really happy.

"We could have bought a new one but it was nice that I have the original one back.

"I asked for the lady's bank details to send her some money as a thank you but she refused.

"We asked what charity she supports so we donated £50 to The Shrewsbury Ark."

Jordan Reynolds

By Jordan Reynolds
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