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Would 'colossus' Travelodge pass the 'Shrewsbury test'? Have your say as objections roll in...

A "colossus" 83-bed Travelodge would "ruin the sight line" and would not pass "the Shrewsbury test".


Those are the thoughts of some objectors, who include Shrewsbury Town Council in their number, to a proposal to build a large hotel and retail outlets next door to the Grade II-listed Rowley's House and Mansion in the town centre.

Travelodge and Morris Property went back to the drawing board after initial plans for the hotel were lodged, lambasted and withdrawn in a matter of weeks last year. Their latest proposals have received a similar lack of public support.

So far, 27 public comments have been lodged, including 26 objections and one neutral.

Writing on behalf of Shrewsbury Town Council, town clerk Helen Ball said: "The scale of the proposed building is still too large compared with Rowley's House. This proposal defers away from Rowley's House and ruins the sight line. Specifically, the committee believe the proposal was one storey too high for the location. They also feel that the development still fails to be in keeping with the character of the area and dwarfs the adjacent church."