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Town criers signal the start of Jubilee celebrations

Town criers across the county have been joining their vocal colleagues across the country in a Royal Jubilee proclamation.

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Shrewsbury town crier Martin Wood reads the proclamation on Pride Hill

Shoppers in Shrewsbury's Pride Hill came to a standstill at the stroke of 2pm for the ceremonial event – which was repeated in town's all over Shropshire.

Surrounded by a crowd of shoppers the 7ft 2in tall town crier Martin Wood, was given a warm round of applause as he finished the proclamation with a hearty God Save The Queen.

As he swung his 12.5lb bell and read the proclamation, his wife and consort Sue sat by his side.

They have been a familiar sight in Shrewsbury in their blue and white garments for nearly 40 years.

But for Martin, who has a 154 decibel voice, who has attended a countless number of official events, it was something special.

"I don't think we will ever see anything like this again in this country," he said after wishing that the sun would continue to shine on the crowds as they continued their day in the county town.

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