Shrewsbury Quarry tree works to 'ensure Percy Thrower's legacy' for generations

Tree surgeons are carrying out the first major maintenance work in 20 years on nearly 250 lime trees in a popular park.

Shrewsbury's Quarry Park
Shrewsbury's Quarry Park

Work is under way in Shrewsbury’s Quarry to manage the trees within the park. The trees were planted by Shrewsbury gardening legend Percy Thrower and bosses have promised to replace any that need to be felled.

Benbow Brothers Limited have been appointed to carry out the work, which will take place over the course of the next month. Visitors to the Quarry are asked to be mindful of the machinery and tree surgeons whilst they go about their business.

Helen Ball, town clerk, said: “The ongoing management of these iconic trees in the Quarry is essential in our well-utilised public park to ensure they can be enjoyed for many years to come. We have over 1.5 million visitors each year and we are aware the tree-lined avenues help to bring huge mental health and physical well-being benefits for our visitors.

“The lime trees also have a major environmental role to play in the Quarry, as they help to reduce the impact of flooding and help to stabilise the riverbanks.

“With the town council’s commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2030, we also need to ensure we retain these mature trees with their ability to sequester carbon - helping to reduce the level of oxidants in the area.”

“We have around 250 lime trees in the Quarry, which were planted by Percy Thrower as part of the overhaul of both the Quarry and the Dingle when he worked as Parks Superintendent from 1946. Whilst some trees have been felled over time, we want to ensure Percy’s legacy continues for many generations to come.”

Any trees that need to be felled will be replaced in accordance with Shrewsbury Town Council’s Tree Management Plan.

Councillor Kevin Pardy, chairman of the council’s recreation and leisure committee, added: “Our tree stock around the town is inspected on a regular basis and maintenance undertaken on the trees when it is deemed necessary.

The last major tree work in the Quarry was completed in 2002, which formed part of a Heritage Lottery Grant of £1.5m to refurbish the park.

Councillor Pardy added: “These programmed works are the first major commissioned works on the trees for around twenty years. On this occasion, our inspections of the lime trees in the Quarry identified signs of dead wood and our priorities are not only to ensure the longevity of the lime trees, but also public safety.”

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