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Judges bowled over by Shropshire's creative thinkers

Judges were bowled over by hundreds of creative entries for this year's Young Thinkers Competition.

Artist and judge Linda Edwards

Shropshire's youngsters were challenged by Morris & Company and University Centre Shrewsbury to let their imaginations run free and design a striking emblem to celebrate Charles Darwin and his links with the town.

The 20 finalists range in age from seven to 12, with designs featuring everything from Darwin's childhood in Shrewsbury, to his voyage around the world.

The overall winner will have their design featured on specially created flags to fly at Morris & Company's Welsh Bridge offices and on University Centre Shrewsbury's Guildhall flagpole.

Judge Linda Edwards said: “The cleverness and intricacy of some of the ideas was truly inspirational. I loved the way young minds have interpreted the life of Darwin in such a brilliant variety of ways.

"We had collages, graphic computerised designs, images that jumped out at you with humour and some with real originality.

"It was a tough job selecting our highly commended entrants and the winner, but we are very excited to reveal which young artist will be flying the flags of Shrewsbury for Darwin this year.”

The winning entries will be revealed at 5.30pm pm February 7 at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery.

Robin Morris, chairman of Morris & Company and fellow judge said: “We have loved staging this competition over the years, it has given us all a window on the creativity of Shropshire’s youngsters.

"I think there will definitely be some oohs and aahs at this year’s final event. The images are a vibrant illustration of how unfettered young minds interpret the link between Darwin and our wonderful town.”

The competition was part of this year's DarwIN Festival.