The Dingle to appear on Shrewsbury Monopoly board

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It’s now exactly two months until the Shrewsbury Monopoly ‘Big Reveal’ – and today The Dingle is named as ‘The Old Kent Road of Shrewsbury’.

The Dingle

The makers of the new game have announced the first property space on the board – which is in fact also the first that appears in chronological order.

The Dingle will take the Monopoly: Shrewsbury Edition’s most affordable space when the game hits the shops.

“Alongside Mayfair, Old Kent Road is the most talked about space and very high in cachet,” said Jake Houghton, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK.

“We wanted an enormous name on it – and also to make it the perfect fit somewhere old, public and modest in terms of any admission price.

"The ‘old’ aspect works extremely well with the Old Kent Road feature of the space – The Dingle is old. Also the fact it is public and totally free to all is a nice fit with the very modest rental and purchase value of the square.”

Old Kent Road is the most affordable of all the multi-coloured property locations.

Mayfair is the most valuable property and in-between are 20 other property spaces.

All will be exclusively Shrewsbury landmarks and addresses in this official version of the world’s most famous board game.


The Dingle will be the first property location to appear on the board.

The other 21 properties be revealed when the game is on shelves in mid-November.

Helen Ball, town clerk said: “Our award-winning Dingle gardens are the jewel in the crown of our floral offer in Shrewsbury.

"We know that many people get the ‘wow factor’ from our horticultural haven of tranquillity and we are thrilled that our floral masterpiece is being featured in the brand new Shrewsbury Monopoly game.


“We’re all looking forward to the official launch of the game in November.”

The board will be on sale at a number of shops including Christmas Perks, Shrewsbury Duck Store, Venterior, WH Smiths and Waterstones. It will also be available from Amazon.

Lucy Todman

By Lucy Todman

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star and Shrewsbury Chronicle based in Shrewsbury.


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