Police warning as more children spotted in Shrewsbury weir

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A fresh water safety warning has been issued after police officers found young boys playing in Shrewsbury's weir.

The weir in Shrewsbury

The group of boys were found playing in the dangerous spot on the River Severn just days after West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion backed a campaign to stop people dying in the county's rivers.

Mr Campion said there were too many avoidable water deaths across the West Mercia region, and pledged his commitment to work with the West Mercia Search and Rescue (WMSAR) charity to stop deaths in rivers.

Now Mr Campion has tweeted a picture showing officers alongside the weir warning three three young boys in shorts.

He said: "Our Shropshire ambassador Graham Monitor was out on patrol with PC Barnes, OPU Shropshire, and Shrewsbury officers when they came across these young boys playing in the weir.

"Don't take the risk. Water can be colder than you think and you could end up out of your depth."

There have been a number of warnings from West Mercia Search and Rescue's ambassador Kirsty Walsh, the widow of Shane Walsh who died in the river in Shrewsbury last year, after repeated reports of children – and even adults – playing in the weir.

Mrs Walsh said: "It's a problem up and down the country, as much as I know some schools in Shrewsbury have taken on the water course and have been doing different water safety, obviously there's some areas that are lacking.

"The backing of the police and crime commissioner is absolutely fantastic as it puts the message out further than we could do as volunteers.


"It's important that all agencies are working together to promote water safety further.

"My friend is a teacher and she has put it out to her students and they've done water safety activities, but it's different trying to get the message to parents too.

"We try and use social media too to get the information out."

Mrs Walsh added: "When I've seen children in there, my heart does skip a beat because I know how easily it can all change.


"To them they're all having fun but they can quite easily get in danger, even the strongest of swimmers will get in trouble.

"If you accidentally step in a cold shower it would be like that shock but the river would be much worse.

"Cold water does have a horrible affect on the body."

West Mercia Search and Rescue will be at this weekend's Shrewsbury Flower Show.

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