Residents have their say on plans for Shrewsbury's future

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Increasing public transport, reviving unused buildings and creating more tourist areas are just some of the changes that Shrewsbury residents want.

Executive Director Seb Slater discussing the proposals with residents Derek and Janet Clark.

The suggestions have been made in Shrewsbury Business Improvement District's pop-up shop in Wyle Cop, where residents and businesses have been invited to comment on the Big Town Plan.

The plan includes ideas about improving movement with "shared use" roads, using the train station's empty rooms as offices, supporting vitality and nurturing the town's greens spaces.

Shrewsbury BID is working with Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council on the initiative, which is the result of consulting with more than 20 stake holders, and has now been brought to the public for their opinions.

Residents have left notes on walls next to ideas and artist impressions.

One note said "the Riverside Shopping Centre needs developing", there were also comments about re-purposing historic buildings.

Emma Molyneux, project coordinator, had met residents and discussed their ideas.

She said: "People have also mentioned bringing park and ride to the town on Sundays and evenings.


"They have been talking about shared use, which is where it is one surface so generally cars would go slower and pedestrians would feel able to take up more of the road. It has worked in various places.

"We had a man who was blind come in and he said it's important to keep the tactile differences with the shared use roads, which would be kept, also for children.

"It's getting towards shared use at the moment in the town, we have areas such as the crossing points on Wyle Cop.

"People are concerned about air quality and keeping the river clean.


"People have been positive, they've got thoughts about certain aspects. Some people want more community areas for older people, and other people want more places they can get information.

"We've proposed a pontoon on the river by Victoria Quay. The Armoury wants this done. People also seem to want more places outside to sit, especially dog walkers."

A retired couple came into the pop-up shop to have their say.

Derek, 76, and Janet Clark, 61, of Nursery Meadows, said that independent shops should be supported in the town.

Mrs Clark said: "It's important for peoples' views to be listened to.

"We live up near to Coton Hill and we've noticed that since the business rates were increased a few of the shops along the main road there have closed. But it's the independent shops that make Shrewsbury different."

Mrs Clark said people will have to be more careful with the shared-use road.

She said: "Most people will stick to the rules, but there will be a minority of people who don't.

"It really needs to be clear to drivers. Traffic does need to come through town, because of the character of the river."

Mr Clark added: "This is a beautiful town, I've been living here for two years but my wife grew up here.

"There's so much to do and see, recently we spent a day going around historic parts of Shrewsbury.

"There are some 1960s buildings at the top of Pride Hill which are totally out of character, hopefully one day they can start reducing them."

Jordan Reynolds

By Jordan Reynolds
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Reporter for the Shropshire Star covering Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas.


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