Activist launches awareness talks for LGBTQ month

An LGBTQ activist is highlighting the importance of discussion in February during LGBTQ History Month.

G Sabini-Roberts
G Sabini-Roberts

G Sabini-Roberts, a non-binary person from Gobowen, has begun a series of talks called When is a Women’s Group not a Women’s Group, after they were continuously invited to women’s groups on Facebook, something which is not appropriate for a non-binary person.

G aims to educate people what it means to be non-binary and how people can avoid making assumptions about gender, whether they are running a business, a Facebook group or anything else.

“I first spoke up about this in August after I was just fed up of all these women’s group invites,” they said.

“The initial response was amazing and completely unexpected - and it hasn’t really slowed since then.

“I explained that I am not a woman, I am not a man. I am non-binary - and I’m vocal about that. It doesn't matter how good the content is - any group or post that defines it's audience as something that isn't me, isn't for me.


“It has taken on a life of its own really, prompting so many questions and it is clearly a subject that people need and want to know more about. I am seeing genuine change happening and that is amazing.

“It prompted me to start a whole series of discussions and every single one of them is getting the same type of interaction.

“LGBTQ History Month is the perfect time for me to showcase this issue and I will continue to do so, continuing to encourage people to be themselves.”

Since the initial conversation G has done a live presentation on gender and sexuality diversity for the Mums/Moms In Business International Facebook group, which has more than 62,000 members worldwide.

G has also now appeared on multiple national and international podcasts to discuss LGBTQ inclusion, including Our Queer Experience, Small Business Britain and the Habbitz Podast, and is about to launch a new LGBTQ+ inclusion discussion room on the new social media app Clubhouse.

They have also launched The Queer Box which offers a queer-friendly business course for businesses to learn about being inclusive and how to implement changes to ensure they are.

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