Justin on a mission to plant trees across Shropshire

Gamekeeper turned joiner Justin Powell has returned to the great outdoors to help protect Shropshire’s wildlife.

Justin Powell
Justin Powell

He has launched Trees for Shropshire, with the aim of planting trees and creating wildlife habitats in and around the county.

He is appealing for volunteers to help with the planting and maintenance.

Mr Powell, from Ellesmere, said: "I first trained as a gamekeeper and then after many years in the wild - and often dark and wet - outdoors, I made a move to inside working, setting up my first workshop making interior decor items from wood, specialising in woodturning and, more recently, working as a handyman.

"Now, concern for what’s happening to the environment I grew up in, habitat and bio-diversity loss on a frightening scale, has drawn me back outside. You can find me planting trees, putting up bird boxes and creating hedgehog homes across Shropshire, come rain or shine."


Mr Powell said it was easy to get overwhelmed about the problems facing the environment and the kinds of changes needed to stop losing habitats and species.

"We decided that the best place to start making a difference was close to home, in Shropshire and the surrounding counties," he explained.

"There are many national initiatives which are doing a good job of protecting birds or wildlife or planting trees, but sometimes they can feel distant and it’s not always easy to see the changes that are being made.

"The aim of Trees for Shropshire is to achieve trackable, measurable, differences in our home county and those surrounding it.

"Working together with those of you who care about trees, birds, hedgehogs and all the other species that live in the woods, we plan to create all sorts of habitats, from hedgerows, to thickets, to spinneys to small woods – and with enough on board, whole new forests full of wildlife."

Anyone who wants to volunteer can get in touch with Justin via treesforshropshire.org.uk

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