Cases of deadly parvovirus confirmed in dogs in Oswestry

The highly contagious and potentially fatal parvovirus has been detected in dogs in Oswestry, with a number of pets needing hospital treatment.

Park Issa vets in Oswestry. Photo: Google
Park Issa vets in Oswestry. Photo: Google

Park Issa vets reported an outbreak of the virus in the Oswestry area, and warned owners to be aware of symptoms and make sure their pets are vaccinated.

A statement from the vets said: "Parvo is a horrible virus that normally causes bloody diarrhoea (although not always bloody), vomiting, anorexia [loss of appetite], temperature fluctuation and lethargy. All symptoms do not have to be present - your pet may show one or many.

"This virus is very serious and can be fatal with the best chances depending on immediate treatment. Direct contact with another dog is not necessary since the virus can live in the environment for a substantial amount of time, and can also be transmitted by foxes.

"Normally the dogs most at risk are those that are unvaccinated, especially puppies even if they are in the middle of a vaccine course. We would recommend that all dogs are fully vaccinated as this can reduce the severity of the disease.

"If your pets are not up to date with their vaccines we would recommended that they have a booster or restart the vaccination course as soon as possible.

"If you are unsure of your pets' vaccination status please ring us to check on 01691 670067."

The PDSA says: "Your dog’s chance of surviving parvovirus is much higher if you take them to the vet as soon as you notice symptoms. Most dogs who receive veterinary treatment quickly survive parvo, but it’s often fatal without treatment.

"Sadly, because it’s such a nasty disease, some dogs die from parvo even if they are treated quickly."

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