Happiness is – Shropshire pals join forces to help others by bringing out book

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Two Shropshire girls have found success online, putting together a book that is proving to be a hit with its readers.

Chloe Gill, 12, and Eva Gearing, 10, from Prees, teamed up to publish 30 Ways To Be Positive and Happy, aimed at educating young people on the importance of good mental health.

Chloe wrote the book while Eva illustrated it. They got involved with Amazon’s self-publishing scheme to launch the publication last weekend.

The book is full of tips and activities to maintain mental health and recover from setbacks.

Chloe’s mother Ali Gill said: “I had no idea they were doing it. We were on holiday and Chloe suddenly came out with this notebook full of ideas and said she had a book to publish.

“I am massively proud of them both, I think it’s amazing. They have completely taken it on themselves.

"They have seen their friends struggle with anxiety and things and decided they wanted to try and help. If just one child picks this book up and takes something positive away from it, then it will have done its job.”

The project was funded entirely by the girls’ two families. Chloe and Eva say they will donate 25 per cent of their takings to mental health charities.

The book has already sold 100 copies, and has four five-star reviews on Amazon.


One of the verified reviews, by Lisa Preston, said: “These tips on being happy and positive can appeal to young and older mind alike.

“Such wisdom has come from these girls and a lot can be said for the effectiveness of taking life back to basics.

“I can’t wait to share this with my daughters and do some of the things in it it with them together.

“I know my six-year-old is going to get heaps of benefit from it.


“This is a perfect pocket book to give to a young person who needs a little boost, pick me up, help or a smile.

“It is even perfect for an adult to slip into their bag as a little mobile reminder too.”

* See the book here at Amazon

Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star based at Ketley in Telford.


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