'Enough is enough!' Loggerheads residents rally against proposals to develop 200 homes in the village

Residents of a rural village in North Shropshire have shown strong opposition to plans for up to 200 homes to be built on agricultural land.

Photo credit: Google. Shot of Mucklestone Wood Lane
Photo credit: Google. Shot of Mucklestone Wood Lane

The community of Loggerheads, as well as neighbours in Market Drayton, Ashley and Cheswardine, have objected to the plans put in place by developer Shropshire Homes for the land north of Mucklestone Wood Lane and east of Rock Lane.

A total of 56 objections have been formally submitted on the online planning portal so far, with reasons pertaining to pressure on local infrastructure, an increase in traffic and the loss of valuable land, among others.

A Facebook group was recently set up by the community, entitled Loggerheads - Save Our Village - Enough is Enough – with the aim of rallying support to stop the proposed development.

Campaigners are striving to save the greenbelt land, but also shared serious concerns about the effect the development would have on life in the village.


Nick Royles, a resident of Loggerheads said: "It would be devastating I think. There's a population of about 5,000 and we have got five developments that are ongoing or near completion which themselves have had an effect on the village.

"The main objection to this one is that it's outside the village envelope. If it goes ahead it would destroy rich agricultural land and really Loggerheads doesn't need any more housing and properties and the impact will devastate the village."

A public meeting has been organised on Tuesday, January 24, for residents and supporters to come together to discuss 'proposed action' against the planning application.

It will take place at 8pm at Ashley Village Hall.

The change.org petition has gathered 1,777 signatures, with one person commenting that 'village life is sadly being swallowed' as 'beautiful landscapes disappear in clouds of bricks and mortar'.


Writing on the planning portal, resident Tim Steele said: "I strongly object to the proposed housing development on Mucklestone Wood Lane.

"This is prime agricultural land and development would take away the most beautiful countryside in Loggerheads. It is also single track road used by walkers, joggers, dog walkers and school children to get to the bus pick up points.

"The development would cause a large increase in traffic with large parts having no pavement this is an accident waiting to happen.

"With Loggerheads being voted the worst village in Staffordshire last year due to it's lack of green space, facilities and travel infrastructure, we hope you will agree with us that enough is enough and stop building on our disappearing green spaces."

Resident Jim Smith added: "We moved to this "village" to escape the city 30 months ago. We have subsequently seen numerous developments spring up around us and enough is enough.

"We have not got the infrastructure to support all these additional people. We are retired and worry about hospitals, doctors, dentists, all of which we have struggled with appointments even before this influx of ongoing and proposed developments.

"Our reasons for re-allocating to this area have long disappeared."

Responding, the developer has said the new homes will help further support the 'growth of Loggerheads as a sustainable rural community'.

Shropshire Homes has said that development will provide a 'significant enhancement' to local green space, including play areas and parks on-site.

And a new access will incorporate a mini-roundabout and bus stop for the school bus which uses the road.

Furthermore, a financial contribution of £500,000 has been pledged to Loggerheads Parish Council towards their vision to provide a new sports facility north of Market Drayton Road.

A spokesperson for Shropshire Homes said: "In addition to the benefits of the development on-site, Shropshire Homes will begin discussing further contributions and commitments with the Council which will be secured as part of the planning application.

"Details of these contributions will be published by the Council in due course."

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