Cheapest fuel prices around Shropshire as councillors call for better deal for rural areas

Council officials have come together to get a better fuel deal for Shropshire, as households continue to grapple with the cost of living.

Motorists are filling up more than they normally would
Motorists are filling up more than they normally would

Councillors Heather Kidd and Ruth Houghton have persuaded Shropshire Council to lobby the Government to have a 'fuel subsidy' put in place for rural parts of the county.

It comes as the cost of fuel remains high, with the latest UK average petrol and diesel prices sitting at 178.93 for Unleaded and 189.30 for Diesel.

With the majority of people relying on a car to get around the county, Cllr Kidd and Houghton have urged all MPs to get behind them.

Heather said: “Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of us have to use a car to get around in rural Shropshire.

"We need them to go to work, do the shopping and take the kids to school.

"Public transport is very limited and the Westminster Government has turned down the Shropshire bid for funding an improved network.

“When I can afford it I would very much like to buy an electric or hybrid car but, for the moment, like most people, I will have to make do with a conventional car for now.

"Unfortunately, we have always suffered from higher-than-average fuel prices in our rural areas – it's always cheaper in Shrewsbury – which have been made much, much worse by recent events.

"Electric cars are a very long way off for most people in our very rural areas and electric charging points are still few and far between.

“Some rural areas in the North and Scotland have benefited from a 'rural subsidy' on fuel for the last decade and there are increasing calls for this to be extended to all rural areas.

"I am very grateful to Helen Morgan, the MP for North Shropshire, for her efforts in the House of Commons on this score.

"My colleague Cllr Ruth Houghton and I also successfully moved a motion at the last Shropshire Council meeting asking the Council to lobby the Government to extend this subsidy to our rural petrol station.

“We will now be pressing the Council to act on this motion and I will be calling on all our Shropshire MPs to put pressure on the Government.”

These are some of the best prices on Monday morning according to

Cheapest petrol around Shropshire:

Essar Whitchurch (Grindley Brook Garage ) 154.9p

Shell Whitchurch (Victoria Garage) 156.9p

Texaco Ellesmere (Mere Motors) 162.9p

Texaco Shrewsbury Road (Robinson and Young Service Station) 166.9p

Texaco Llanymynech (Llandrinio Service Station) 167.9p

Esso Wrexham Road (Whitchurch Bypass Service Station) 168.9p

Esso Kemberton Road (Furrows Halesfield) 168.9p

Essar the Mount (Mount Service Station) 169.9p

Cheapest diesel around Shropshire:

Essar Whitchurch (Grindley Brook Garage) 172.9p

Shell Whitchurch (Victoria Garage) 174.9p

Esso Wrexham Road (Whitchurch Bypass Service Station) 179.9p

Texaco Ellesmere (Mere Motors) 179.9

Asda Shrewsbury 182.7p

Morrisons Shrewsbury 182.7p

Essar the Mount (Mount Service Station) 182.9p

Sainsbury's Shrewsbury 182.9p

Esso Kemberton Road (Furrows Halesfield) 182.9p

Asda Telford Automat 183.7p

Asda Donnington Wood 183.7p

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