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Pub hosting dog-friendly Bonfire Night event far away from firework displays

A country pub-restaurant is opening its doors to our furry friends on Bonfire Night – promising a paws-itively good time.

Neil Taylor with his dog: Jessie, and staff Dominic Lovece, Caty Tighe and Nathan Dewsbur

The Fox at Shipley on Bridgnorth Road, Wolverhampton, is hosting the puppy friendly night tonight to give dog owners somewhere safe to enjoy the fireworks with their four-legged companions.

The pub will operate as normal on the night of the event, with dogs being offered snacks, a drink and maybe even some pet friendly ice cream. Vivian Hanson, floor manager at The Fox at Shipley, said: “Because of lockdown and Covid, our pets aren’t used to being on their own, especially for long stretches of time.

“Where we are is a nice, quiet, bonfire-free atmosphere where you can see the fireworks in the distance. Bonfire Night is a tough time for pet owners, and it’s an especially anxious time for pets.”

With Bonfire Night being one of the most feared days for animals, The Fox at Shipley promotes secluded – explosion-free surroundings – where customers can watch the fireworks from afar.

Ms Hanson said: “Most people here travel to local towns for Bonfire Night, so it’s fairly secluded and quiet, it’s a great place to experience Bonfire Night with your pet without all the noise and explosions.”

The Bonfire Night event will also cater to those who are dog anxious, with pup free areas and table also available for booking.

Ms Hanson continued: “We are doing this in a really safe way, we have areas set up for customer who don’t like dogs or have children who are anxious. Allowing dogs into pubs really creates a lovely atmosphere, the staff have to go and make a fuss and it’s a really nice experience for everyone.”

Everyone is welcome to join in the event, with tables available to book by calling 01902700376, more information on food, drink and opening times can be found online at