Then and Now: Photographs show Telford's changing face

Step back in time and see the way Telford has changed.

A photographer has been working on a project which blends historic images of the borough with modern day.

The images by Charlotte Wade, show the immense changes that have happened over the centuries.

Charlotte's picture shows the former proprietor of what is now the Ironbridge Gorge Museum shop High Street.

And they have had a phenomenal response online from people living in Telford.

The 25-year-old photographer, who runs Charlotte Wade Photography and Artwork while also working at Ironbridge Antiques, Arts and Crafts, says the idea first began as a project at university.

But it has now taken on a life of its own, with people sharing their personal images with Charlotte, giving a glimpse into the Telford of yesterday.

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Charlotte said: "I did it at school and photography at college then I went on to do a foundation degree at the University of Wolverhampton.

"That is where it started, we had a project called Made in the Midlands and the work we produced was put on display in Shrewsbury.

"But now I've started focussing on Ironbridge because I'm there everyday.

A view down into Ironbridge from the bottom of Madeley Road

"Local people have been really interested in it and I've been sharing the pictures on Telford Memories where people have been really kind and have actually been giving me their pictures to use."

She says putting the pictures together can be a painstaking process.

Charlotte added: "I have to go back to the spot and try and line it up exactly.

The Tontine Hotel, then and now.

"Sometimes it can take me five or six attempts just moving a couple of centimetres to the left. It is hard, especially with the way the Gorge moves.

"The really interesting thing is seeing how things have changed, lots of people who have lived in the area for a long time remember what things were like.

"My nan and grandad are from Telford and we'll be out and my grandad will be saying 'There used to be a building there or that used to be a factory or this was a field and I used to play there'."

People gather outside what is now the Valley Hotel.

After she has taken the picture to match the original image, each photograph can take Charlotte about an hour to line up perfectly.

She said: "People have been so helpful, and I've had some really good feedback."

She said she now has about 30 old photographs which she plans to use for her next Then and Now project and will be out in Ironbridge taking more pictures.

The images she takes are on sale at the antiques centre in Merrythought.

For more information about Charlotte's photography, search for Charlotte Wade Photography & Artwork on Facebook

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