'Keep wearing masks' is consensus of shoppers in Wellington

As the cases of Covid-19 reached their highest since March this week the debate about mask wearing and social distancing is back on the agenda.

Alan Boswell and Irene Boswell from Wellington, Telford
Alan Boswell and Irene Boswell from Wellington, Telford

With the Government dropping mandatory mask wearing in indoor public places in England, it is now up to individuals to decide whether or not to don a face covering.

The Welsh government has retained the rule that masks must be worn in shops and on public transport and those living on the border say the difference in stores on each side is very noticeable.

In Wellington town centre most shoppers seemed to be putting their face coverings on to go into stores.

Richard Palin, 62, from Bratton, insists on keeping his mask on in the street as well as inside public areas.

Despite having had both his Covid jabs Richard, who lives near the town, still caught Covid a few weeks ago.

"They say if you have been vaccinated the symptoms will be mild. But I was struggling to breathe and couldn't get up the stairs," he said.

"People who are not getting vaccinated are helping the virus to spread, and as it multiplies it will mutate," he said.

Richard Palin from Bratton, Telford

Couple Alan and Irene Boswell, enjoying a hot drink in the popular Steaming Mug cafe, both said they always wear masks when shopping.

Mr Boswell, 78, who has had open heart surgery, said he only had his vaccinations after he had been reassured by specialists that it would be safe.

They say they feel very in the cafe, with its doors, back and front kept open to allow fresh air inside.

Their large family includes some who now live in Australia.

"They were locked down very quickly at the beginning and we should have done that," Mrs Boswell said.

"Now we are going into winter I hope people will carry on wearing masks and being sensible."

Suat Keser and Vanessa Fullwood of The Steaming Mug Coffee House

Working at the cafe, which is owned by Suat Keser, was Vanessa Fullwood.

She feels that vaccination rather that mask wearing should be the way forward.

"What I would hate to see is another lockdown when people's livelihoods would be at risk again," she said.

"It is also vital that people like our customers can enjoy being out and about and socialising in a safe way."

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