Pandemic could have created generation of 'young rescuers', says author of new book

A former Shropshire pupil has written a book about a form of behaviour called 'rescuing' which he suggests has increased during the pandemic.

The book by Dr Tadzio Jodlowski
The book by Dr Tadzio Jodlowski

'How to Manage Rescuer Feelings in a Post-Pandemic World' has been written by Dr Tadzio Jodlowski, a senior lecturer in marketing and international projects based in Manchester.

The 61-year-old, who is a former pupil of John Hunt School in Telford, said: “Rescuing occurs when there is a disruption in the family and the roles of parents and children are reversed and the pandemic is a good example of this.

"In such cases, children take on adult responsibilities and find it hard to relinquish this role as they continue through life. The good news is that this form of behaviour is manageable and that rescuers can lead productive lives and find time to deal with their own problems as well.

"Although rescuing affects each generation to a greater or lesser extent, there are times in history when it becomes widespread.

"Once you see the world from a young person’s perspective during this pandemic you can understand how they might be worried and feeling responsible for their family’s safety – mature rescuers may also be experiencing a strong set of emotions during this difficult time.

“There is a growing concern about the impact of the pandemic upon young people's mental health and the long-term effect this might have upon their behaviour.

"There have been reports of young people developing strong feelings of responsibility and once this becomes established, it can develop into lifelong habit unless it is managed."


He says the pandemic could have created a generation of 'young rescuers' due to its impact upon the way that families function.

"This will become apparent in the relationships they form and the problematic situations they are attracted to in years to come," added Dr Jodlowski.

“If you are a worried, that your child is becoming involved in a hazardous relationship or you are a teenager finding it hard to let go of a toxic situation then I would recommend reading this book.

"Life long rescuers might also find this an interesting read.

“My book celebrates rescuing and helps people of all ages to manage their rescuer feelings appropriately.

"In some cases rescuer behaviour can lead people with good intentions into dangerous situations and even prove fatal.

"It is important to understand how this form of behaviour is capable of influencing the decision-making process and produce complexity and stress."

The book is available on Amazon for £19.99 in paperback and is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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