Entrepreneur's new business supports Shrewsbury alcoholism charity

By Lisa O'Brien | Shrewsbury | Health | Published:

An entrepreneur is donating a percentage of the profits from her ground-breaking range of alcohol-free hand sanitisers and cleaning products to a Shrewsbury charity.

Jane Mackenzie, Richard Leith, operations manager at TACT, and Jessica Liebich

Jessica Liebich has developed the Pure Reyn range and aims to help support Share Shrewsbury.

The charity was set up by Jessica’s mother, Jane Mackenzie, whose eldest daughter, Amy, suffered with addiction to alcohol for several years.

Amy tragically died in May 2019 and left her grieving family with many questions about why she did not receive the support she needed in order to survive.

Jane has now set up Share Shrewsbury, offering support to anyone with alcohol addiction.

She was thrilled when her daughter, Jessica, discovered and launched a ground-breaking new alcohol free sanitiser, because alcohol-based sanitisers can be lethal for anyone in recovery from alcohol addiction.

Jane said: “ I have known for some time that alcohol-based products are harmful and should not be used by those affected by alcohol dependence.


"About two years ago when Amy was in hospital, she warned me about alcohol-based sanitisers saying they should be banned in hospitals – which was about the only place where they were at that time.


“She told me that addicts would rip them off the wall and drink them.

"Sometimes toddlers accidentally drank them in the home too, and suffered alcohol poisoning.

“Also, one of the main drugs prescribed to people in recovery from alcohol dependence, is designed to make individuals violently sick when exposed to even small amounts of alcohol.

"These people become very ill if they use alcohol-based sanitisers.


“Yesterday Jessica donated a large five litre container of Pure Reyn sanitiser to the Telford After Care Team so they can ditch alcohol sanitisers and switch to Pure Reyn.”

Jessica said: “All Pure Reyn products have been 100 per cent tested and certified to British and international standards, proving they are effective against all human coronaviruses, including Covid-19, as well as influenza, rubella, measles and more, without building up a superbug resistance.

"Our product is odourless, colourless, gentle on the skin and non toxic.

"Unlike alcohol based products, which stop working as soon as they evaporate, Pure Reyn carries on protecting people for up to 24 hours, or until you wash your hands.

"We plan to lead the way in providing innovative, sanitising solutions that allow families, businesses and organisations to feel more normal again.”

Lisa O'Brien

By Lisa O'Brien
Senior Reporter - @lisaobrien_Star

Senior reporter based at Shropshire Star's head office in Ketley. Covering the Telford area.

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