Still no names for teenage dancers of Shrewsbury after plea to identify them

Alas, these young Shrewsbury dancers enjoying the 1960s beat boom years will continue to remain nameless because, it seems, almost 60 years on nobody can identify them.

This picture was taken at Shrewsbury Youth Centre in about 1964
This picture was taken at Shrewsbury Youth Centre in about 1964

We published this mystery photo, which came originally from our old Shrewsbury office, a little while ago hoping that some reader might be able to shed light on those in the picture, the only clue we could offer being that it was probably taken at Shrewsbury Youth Club, as the words "...SBURY YO.." can just about be made out in the background.

But this time the normally dependable sleuthing skills of our readers have not yielded fruit, at least so far, as only one person emailed in with any information, although it has confirmed the location and narrowed down the date.

The message from Dave Jones said: "This was taken at Shrewsbury Youth Centre in Belmont, Shrewsbury, now The Hive. I recognise the people but not their names. It was a long time ago, 1964 I think. Sorry I can't be more helpful."

Actually that is helpful, and although Dave doesn't say where he's from and how he knows what he knows, we assume he hails from Shrewsbury and was a contemporary of those teenagers shown at the youth centre.

Of course, if you can flesh things out with further information, please do drop a line to by email.

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