Reader helps solve Janet's picture riddle

Another success for our sleuthing Star readers, one of whom has come up with information about this picture in the Ironbridge Gorge Museum archive.

David Deakin has come up with many names of those in this picture.
David Deakin has come up with many names of those in this picture.

Janet Doody, from Telford, has been helping with cataloguing some of the museum's collections, but there are some photos which are lacking any information, so she turned to us with this one in the hope that a reader would recognise it.

It is from the collection of G F Williams, the managing director of the Coalbrookdale Company, so naturally we assumed when we printed it that it was taken at the Coalbrookdale Works. But that turns out not to be the case.

Let Janet explain: "Shropshire Star readers have come up trumps again – well, one of them has. David Deakin contacted me and was able to name most of those in the photo, which was at the Sinclair Works, Ketley.

"They are, from left: Joan Tait, Margery Millington, Sandra Hoof, two unknowns, Lyn Allworth, Pam Morgan, Doug Storer, Gwen Jenkins (face partly hidden), Mrs Roberts, unknown, Fred Williams, unknown, Christine Williams, two unknowns, and Sylvia Tossell.

"I have no idea on the date unfortunately – 1960s perhaps. Mr Deakin didn't know. As regards to the occasion I suspect it is a leaving or retirement of the man in the light suit. Again Mr Deakin was unable to name him. I was hoping one of the ladies might come forward with an explanation. I suppose there is still time."

Some of the details may yield clues. It seems that that bench may have been part of the proceedings, and note the radio on it. It is not clear what is being handed over – could it be a little model ship?

Janet is hoping Star readers can help identify this picture as well.

Having had success with one picture – and if anyone can fill in gaps they can contact Janet at – she has also sent us another picture (above) from the same collection in the hope readers can come up with information about that too.

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