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Shropshire farmers smash £1,000 target at tractor run

A group of Shropshire farmers raised more than £1,200 as well as awareness of mental health issues and general safety within their industry after completing a tractor run.

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The recent tractor run raised £1,200

Oscar Lewis, James Wyke, Ben Cooke and Henry Evans took part in the event from The Bridges pub in Ratlinghope, before heading over The Stiperstones, stopping in Bishop’s Castle before returning to the pub.

They managed to raise £1263, smashing their target of £1000.

"Around 40 tractors turned up, with many coming from all corners of the county, including Newport and Ludlow," said Oscar.

"As a result of the success this year, we’ve all agreed to make it an annual event!"

Oscar said prior to the event: "We want to raise as much awareness as we can about mental health in the farming industry, that is the primary reason for planning this run.

"Many of us involved have directly, or indirectly been affected by someone that has been impacted by mental health issues or lack of farm safety in the farming community.

"We feel like more should be done to help raise awareness and help those in need and so we are supporting Yellow Wellies.

"It works closely with farmers, aged 16-40, in all walks of life, to deal with the most pressing issues we face in this day in age."

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