Virus is a wake-up call

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We're in lock-down, fighting to feed ourselves, keep healthy and survive.

Rosemary Allen is a retired livestock farmer living near Ellesmere

"Flood, pestilence and famine" someone said. What next? Oh! War.

Seriously though, I'm not the first person to point out that this is a trial run for our future, post Brexit. We must feed ourselves, be more independent in medicines, engineering, finance, and so on.

"During the war" my grandma used to say, they fed themselves on basics – meat, vegetables and bread, and what they couldn't have they improvised or ate less of. The latter would be good for me anyway! I remember when we ate meat my father had the skin, gristle and fat, which is unthinkable nowadays.

This virus could teach us to value what we have, and not crave strawberries, beans, and so on, all the year round.

We need to power our country with wind, solar and hydro energy, not imported oil and gas. Apparently we have the technology but not the "commercial" will.

This should be a wake-up call, for politicians, and peasants like us who'll end up in hovels with tallow candles, unless you're vegan, then you'll have to sit in the dark.

Is this the apocalypse my grandchildren talk about? Just joking. Maybe!

Rosemary Allen is a retired livestock farmer living near Ellesmere

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