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As innovation in farming increases even I have embraced new technology!

Nick Challenor is the owner of ND Challenor Professional Livestock Services.

Observing cattle and recording data digitally, a comprehensive analysis of lameness can be gathered for a herd. Using an online manager I am able to view hoof reports anywhere at any time, receiving updated herd data in real-time, to respond immediately to any concerns and to share important welfare information with customers.

This really enhances efficiency with the preventative approach, accurately reducing problems in the herd and minimising economic loss.

My investment in new computer technology holds great potential to develop breeding and management strategies for reducing lameness in your dairy or beef herd.

Computerising data collection during trimming makes it possible to record quality data at the crush. It provides an opportunity to expand the management possibilities for producers. As a further step in the development process this information may even be useful in addressing genetic issues around hoof and claw health.

As well as recognising the importance of data on a day-to-day basis, cattle and trimmer comfort during trimming, as well as safety and efficiency are key priorities.

An exciting new addition to the business will see the introduction of Tuffy Tilt Crushes next month. Designed with both durability and comfort in mind, these new hoof trimming crushes will not only help to keep cattle comfortable and relaxed but will improve working conditions for my trimmers, aiding efficiency and productivity all round.

This kit is cutting edge and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Complete with hydraulic leg restraints, neck bender, drive system, rear door and wireless remote, getting cattle in and out should be a more seamless process.

For the cattle, the padded hydraulic neck bender provides a "pillow." This comfy head support helps keep the cattle calm, while the leg restraints gently grasp each leg at the touch of a button. On completion all legs are released at the same time making tilting and standing quick and easy for both cattle and trimmer alike.


As the technological revolution within agriculture continues, adopting new technology facilitates the opportunity for real time data; so developing accurate foot care programmes, tailored specifically to your herd, helping to ensure mobility, efficiency and ultimately a healthy and profitable enterprise.

This coupled with new streamlined machinery will also ensure a quality hoof care programme which can be delivered more quickly, allowing you to focus more time on running your farming business.

Nick Challenor is the owner of ND Challenor Professional Livestock Services.


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