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Environmental mourners gather at 'vigil' in Ludlow to reflect on climate crisis

A 'climate vigil' was held to allow people who have been 'depressed and saddened' by the climate crisis to find peace and quiet and share their grief and sadness.

A climate vigil in Ludlow

It was organised by Quakers in Ludlow and held on Friday afternoon at The Linney to give people the chance to meet each other by the banks of the river to give them time to reflect on the state of the planet.

A climate vigil in Ludlow

Barbara Mark, one of the vigil organisers, said: "We were hoping to give people the space to be able to find peace and quiet. The Linney is a timeless space and the castle above us gives a link to the labyrinth of history.

"This climate vigil was discussed as something Quakers could do.

"Since then we have had the granting of licences to oil companies, and the U-turn on climate commitments.