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Activists march and take to their boats for 'magnificent' Severn on World Rivers Day

Protesters took to the streets and their boats to celebrate the "magnificent Severn" - and call out the dumping of raw sewage.

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SHREWS COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR JAMIE RICKETTS 24/09/2023 - World Rivers Day march and rally held by extinction rebellion from Benbow Quay to Shrewsbury Quarry. In Picture: Marching through Victoria Quay.

Flags, placards and fancy dress were all part of proceedings as activists from Up Sewage Creek and Extinction Rebellion gathered at Benbow Quay in Shrewsbury, marching to the beat of the drums into the Quarry.

Activists marched from Benbow Quay to the Quarry in Shrewsbury

There was also a flotilla of boats joining in the protest, including someone dressed as a poo in a coracle and another boat with what looked like floating excrement tied onto it with a piece of string, as activists went to interesting lengths to make their point.

Open water swimmers also wanted to join in and swim towards the Quarry, but the rain meant there is a likelihood that raw sewage may have been dumped into the Severn recently. So rather than risk being poisoned, they gave it a miss.

Around 80 people were involved at the start of the march, carrying placards with slogans including "I'd rather swim but I can't", "Safe Water Please", and "Save our river. Who gives a ****? We do!" More people joined in along the way.

The flotilla also included a woman in a coracle wearing a poo hat