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Hungry caterpillars return and cover roundabout in stunning silk - again

Thousands of hungry caterpillars have returned to munch on their favourite Shropshire hedgerow in what is a spectacular sight for passing Salopians.

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The strange sight at Meole Brace retail park. Photo: Jennifer Anderson

Anyone who has visited the Meole Brace Retail Park in Shrewsbury over the last few days will have seen the incredible spectacle of a roundabout almost entirely covered in what appears – at first glance – to be mountains of spider web.

But, it's actually the work of thousands of busy caterpillars, who have returned to the same spot where they captivated Shrewsbury residents back in 2021.

Visitors to the retail park over the last few days have been stopping to take pictures and videos of the silk web to post on social media.