Parents take daughter out of Marches School over short skirt uniform row

By Sue Austin | Oswestry | Education | Published:

A teenager told she would have to study in isolation if she carried on wearing a skirt deemed too short has been taken out of school by her parents.

Year 10 Marches student Saskia with mother Rachel Howell

Saskia Howell, aged 14, was told her black pleated skirt, bought from a specific uniform range at a High Street store, did not comply with the policy at the Marches School in Oswestry.

Her parents, Rachel and Guy Howell, said the school should concentrate on education and believe the skirt is not inappropriate.

The Marches School says that children with shorter skirts than allowed in its policy were asked to get a new one during the recent half term.

Saskia, a Year 10 student said: “I was given a sticker before half term saying that my skirt was too short and that it should be no more than two centimetres above the knee. We looked over half term but there was nothing that would fit me.

“When we went back this week I was given one of the spare skirts they have to wear.

"When I went back in on Wednesday in my own skirt I was told I would have to go into isolation.”

The upset teenager rang home and her mother went to collect her from school.

Mrs Howell said: “It is a sensible, pleated skirt that came from a proper school uniform section.


"Saskia always looks smart, we don’t let her wear inappropriate clothing.

“We all sat down and had a family conversation about it and Saskia will be staying at home. Children go to school to get an education. That is what the school should be concentrating on.”

Alison Pearson, associate headteacher at The Marches, said: “Our uniform policy has been unchanged for a number of years now and is well known and understood.

"It is shared with all parents and carers in the student planner and on the website.


"As students grow, skirts can become inappropriately short and we do at times check for this.

“Students with a skirt shorter than the uniform allows were given notice before the half term and all parents were asked to check their child’s uniform in the weekly parent email, which is sent to all parents and carers which is also on the school website.

“Any student who returned from the half term, who had been advised about their skirt length, but was still wearing the same skirt, would be supported to resolve the issue, we always work with parents and carers to ensure our uniform is worn correctly and have a supply of spare items students may borrow as needed.

“As a result the students look very smart in school, are in the right mindset and are ready to focus on their learning.”

Sue Austin

By Sue Austin
Chief Reporter

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