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[gallery] It was a room full of shaking teenagers and brown envelopes as students across Shropshire finally found out their GCSE results.

There were some nervous staff and students to begin with but schools across the county have been thrilled with this year's results.

Tension was followed by relief for pupils and their teachers across Telford & Wrekin who were left jumping for joy after receiving their GCSE results.

This year's pupils were the first to be affected by sweeping Government changes to GCSE exams and headteachers were warned by exams regulator Ofqual to expect "volatile" results.

But there were no obvious issues at schools across the borough as tears of happiness, screams of delight and jumps of joy set the picture.

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Telford & Wrekin Council said the proportion of students who attained five or more GCSE passes at grade C or above was well above the national average, although early analysis showed there had been a drop in the number of students passing certain subjects, including maths.

There were also individual success stories through the area.

At Wrekin College in Wellington, Josie North, 16, of Bridgnorth, who suffers from dyspraxia and dyslexia, achieved an A*, seven As and three Bs, despite being in bottom set maths and having extra English classes when she started her secondary education.


She said: "I am really, really happy, I was not expecting this at all. I woke up this morning and found out on email and I was so excited.

"There was a lot of relief when I found out because I got really stressed during the revision.

"I have received a lot of support for my learning difficulties.

"I have always found it quite difficult to remember things so I had to do a lot more revision than most people do, I had to keep drilling things into my brain and luckily it paid off.


"I was really surprised with my A in maths. I would put it down to hard work, support from teachers and parent, I do not particularly think I am that clever. I just had to do a lot of work to get it."

She will stay on at the college to study English, design, art and psychology.

Meanwhile, at Burton Borough in Newport, Luke Williams, 16, from the town, who achieved a mix of C and D grades said he was looking forward to starting an apprenticeship at Shifnal-based construction company JN Bentley.

He said: "I have been interested in machinery since I was little and decided to go for this.

"I was looking online and found it and applied for it and they were happy with me.

" The A-level route just does not appeal to me, I wanted to go and do an apprenticeship so I can work and learn at the same time."

Government reforms have seen extra funding go towards encouraging those finishing GCSEs, who do not want to continue along traditional educational routes, to take up apprenticeships.

Several Telford & Wrekin schools gained their best ever GSCE results.

Thomas Telford School: Ellie Rowe, Isobel Irwin, Bronte Baggott, Oliver Preece and Sophie Evans.

At Thomas Telford School, 100 per cent of year 11 pupils gain five or more GCSEs at A* to C including English and maths.

Headmaster Sir Kevin Satchwell, said after reaching the historic milestone of being the first comprehensive in England to see 100 per cent of its pupils gain five or more GCSEs at A*-C grade including English and maths, that he wanted to achieve the same result for the Government's new target of at least eight top grades including English and maths.

In 2000, the Old Park-based school was also the first all ability school to see all of its' year 11 students achieve the previous benchmark of five or more A* to Cs in any subject.

Sir Kevin said: "This is just a tremendous performance on behalf of everyone at the school and the parents have all worked so hard. We always do well, but to reach that elusive 100 per cent, to be the first all ability school it is a pat on the back for all the students and it was tears of joy when everyone found out their successful results."

Pupil Sophie Evans, 16, from Wolverhampton, achieved two A*s, 10 As and one B and got 100 per cent in history. She said: "I had hoped to do well but I never expected to get 100 per cent in a subject."

Of the school's record, she added: "It is brilliant, it is a great feeling to know we have done it and been a part of it.

"It is down to the teachers here, they are amazing, they help you all the time and always push you to do your best but the students put in the work as well. It is great to have achieved the milestone and been a part of it."

Abraham Darby Academy, in Madeley saw the number of its pupils achieving five A* to C grades, including in English and Maths, rise from 61 per cent to 66 per cent this year.

At Burton Borough School, the number of year 11 students gaining five or more A* to C grades including English and mathematics was 61 per cent.

Teachers at Adams Grammar School said their students had achieved the school's best ever GCSE performance with an overall pass rate – those gaining A* to E – was 100 per cent, with 81.9 per cent of youngsters getting the top grades of A* or A.

The number of top grade achievers also rose at Newport Girls High where students also broke school records with 45.2 per cent gaining A*s, nearly a three per cent improvement on last year. All students sitting exams gained A* to C grades.

At Hadley Learning Community, the new benchmark figure of the percentage of students making three or more levels of progress has improved significantly with more three quarters of the students gaining this.

At Wrekin College, 40 per cent of year 11s gains an A or A* – an increase of nearly five per cent on the previous year.

In Bridgnorth, pupils at Oldbury Wells outstripped the previous school record, with 67 per cent achieving five or more higher passes including English and maths.

Meanwhile, at Bridgnorth Endowed School, headteacher Phil Loveday, said his school had also made progress, with students gaining "fantastic" GCSE results.

He added: "We have worked hard with the students over the last five years preparing them for their exams and they have done fantastically well."

Telford & Wrekin councillor Paul Watling, cabinet member for children, young people and families, said: "I would like to congratulate all the students on their achievements and thank everyone connected with the schools for their hard work."

Staff and students across Shrewsbury are celebrating after recording a set of stunning GCSE results.

At Belvidere School, students were on cloud nine yesterday as they clutched their exam result envelopes.

Many students gained a large numbers of GCSEs at the top grades and among the top performers were Sam Carpenter and Kate Mager who both gained seven A* and seven A grades along with Laina Cores-Birch and Theo Hayeck who gained five A* and seven A grades each.

Hazel Rogers was over the moon with her six A* and seven As and Joanna Rogers who gained six A* and six As. She also each gained a grade A at A-level French despite being only in Year 11.

Other high performers included Ruaridh George with six A* grades and Callum Breeze with five A* grades.

Headteacher Pete Johnstone said: "We would like to congratulate all our Year 11 students for their hard work and effort over the last five years, which have been rewarded with some excellent results.

"They have been a pleasure to teach during their time at Belvidere.

"The staff of the school also deserve great credit for their tireless efforts in supporting their students to gain these fantastic results."

At Shrewsbury High School, the picture was similar. The senior girls at the school were thrilled as 62.4 per cent of all grades achieved were A* or A.

Headmaster, Michael Getty said: "These stunning results are incredibly impressive and is all the more overwhelming as it comes so soon after the school established new records with its A level results last week."

At Concord College, at Acton Burnell, near Shrewsbury day student Anna Wood, of All Stretton, topped with 12 A*s.

Staff at the college, which was marking its 65th anniversary, were also celebrating 56.1 per cent of all grades awarded to students were A*, 86.2 per cent of grades awarded were A* or A and 20 students achieved straight A*s or As.

Principal Neil Hawkins said: "I am enormously proud of the superb GCSE results of our students.

"As individuals they have proved how special they are, while the group as a whole have set new records of achievement here at Concord."

At The Priory School, on Longden Road Candy Garbett, retiring headteacher, was in school for the last time to celebrate with the students and staff as they received details of their GCSE results.

She said: "At The Priory School we are proud to be celebrating a fantastic set of results with 76 per cent of our students gaining five or more GCSEs A*-C grades including English and maths. This also exceeded the target set by Governors for this group of students.

"The curriculum studied by our students at GCSE is broad, balanced and yet academically demanding so these results are outstanding.

"We have also closed the gap between the achievements of boys and girls which is an issue nationally and something that all the staff have worked so hard to achieve.

"It is a great feeling to be leaving the school with such great results.

"We are proud of all of the students who have achieved their personal best whether that is a whole set of GCSEs with A* or just one GCSE grade; if they have done their best then they can feel proud of what they have achieved."

Adcote School at Little Ness, near Nesscliffe was also celebrating. Almost 90 per cent of the pupils achieved the equivalent of at least five passes at grades A*-C in their GCSE and iGCSE results. Deputy Head Girl Elect Olga Unigovska achieved an incredible 10 A* at A Level, and an equivalent of 16 GCSEs.

Headmaster Gary Wright said: "These are excellent results and I congratulate the girls on their deserved success and their teachers for their hard work."

And at Shrewsbury School 65 per cent of the exams awarded an A* or A grade.

Among the many individual successes, particular congratulations are due to the six pupils who gained ten straight A* grades, and to the 35 pupils (more than a quarter of those taking the exams) who gained either A* or A grades in all their subjects.

Sundorne School and Sports College was celebrating some of its best ever GCSE results.

The school has reported a figure of 60 per cent of five or more A*-C grades including English and maths, which is its third best set of results ever.

Alex Raeside, headteacher, said that while the results weren't as good as last year's he expected the percentage figure to rise in the next few months as some of the marks are finalised.

"I am pleased with the results overall as the students have had to work incredibly hard this year to overcome changes imposed midway through important courses," said Mr Raeside.

"To have achieved such strong results, with many students coming away with 13 A*-C grades, is a credit to students and staff.

Birthday girl Kara Harbourle at Ludlow CE School.

Emotions were running high at Ludlow School, particularly for Kara Harboule who was picking up her results on her birthday yesterday, which meant celebrations had to be put on hold for a nervous moment.

Kara, who got two As a B and some Cs, said: "I've done well, I think. I'm proud of what I got, I worked hard for it. Some subjects I'm really pleased with, but there a couple where I think I could have done better."

She said she would be going to Hereford Sixth Form to study dance and English, but for now could relax and enjoy her 16th birthday.

John Ashton, also from Ludlow, said he had done a lot better than expected, with As in maths, geography and PE and an A* in English, for which he had been predicted a B.

"I'm glad I got my A in maths because that's what I want to do at Ludlow College," he said.

Georgia Loft, from Diddlebury, got six As and four Bs but said: "I was hoping to do a bit better to be honest.

"I was hoping for an A in maths, so that wasn't great, but they'll do."

She hopes to become a physiotherapist, and will be going to Shrewsbury High School to study psychology, biology, PE and geography.

"It's good because they're the ones I got my As in," she said.

Eleanor Rayner, of Craven Arms, said: "I'm really happy, it was what I expected, a few of them better.

"I went to see my great aunt at the weekend and she used to be a maths teacher, so she said 'you'd better get an A'."

Eleanor, who will be going on to Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, got A*s in maths, textiles and geography, and As in German, English and science.

At the Community College in Bishop's Castle top performers included Ellie Leopold and Jonathan Rees with six A* and four A grades a piece and Charlotte Morris with five A*s and six A grades.

Jessica Bright and Maggie Franklin also got 10 A*s or As each and Joe Colvin got nine A* or A grades as well as a B grade in his A-level music, two years early.

Headteacher at the college Alan Doust said the college was proud to have done very well with those youngsters from more disadvantaged backgrounds with the gap between them and their counterparts closing considerably for the second year running. He said "I am delighted for the students and their families.

"I know these results have only come about because of a lot of hard work – by the students themselves and by the school staff – and I am immensely proud of them all.

"I am also grateful to our parents for their very active support," he added.

At Bedstone College, an independent day and boarding school near Ludlow, GCSE results were up on last year with 24 per cent of all grades being A*s/As and nearly 50 per cent at B or better.

David Gajadharsingh, headteacher at Bedstone, said: "The GCSE group had a tough act to follow when the A-level results were published last week, but they have risen to the challenge to produce a set of results close to the best ever for the school at grades B or better.

"It is very pleasing to see such an improvement in the standard benchmark of 5A*-C, including English and mathematics, which shows what a talented bunch they are," added Mr Gajadharsingh.

He said special mention should go to Abby Rozee who receieved 10A*/As James Fox with8A*/As, Annabelle Skinner with7A*/As, and Marcus Sheppard and Charlotte Badlan with 6A*/As.

Wigmore School on the south Shropshire border meanwhile posted its highest percentage of pass grades for several years with 79 per cent achieving 5A*-C grades including English and maths.

Headteacher Andrew Shaw said he was delighted with his pupils and staff.

At Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer over 64 percent of pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including maths and English.

Outstanding pupils included Ben Phillips (Eight 8 A*s and one A), Greg Young (seven A*s and three As), Freya Scott (seven A*s and two As), Sophie Wright and Yvonne Riley (six A*s and three As) and Will Francis (four A*s and four As).

Staff at Sir John Talbot's School in Whitchurch were delighted with 22 subjects seeing 100 per cent achieving a pass grade with a 12 per cent increase on the number of students gaining five of more A*- G grades.

Chelsie Maddocks, 16, said she was relieved to find out her final results, with five A*s, five As and one B grade.

She said: "I'm really really pleased, I'm going to be doing my A levels next at Moreton Hall.

"I was quite worried last night and this morning – but I'm just feeling really happy now. I want to go and do a medical degree and become a doctor, so I'm so pleased I got the results."

Head teacher, David O'Toole: "They have worked hard to secure these results and can now use them as a springboard for their next steps.

"And with a fresh start as an academy in September, it really gives us a positive way to close as a technology college and a great beginning for the academy."

The Grove School, in Market Drayton saw 55 per cent of students achieve an A*-C grade including maths and English, a seven per cent improvement on last year's results. And with 22 per cent of students achieving eight or more A*-B grades, head teacher Jane Radbourne said she was very impressed.

She said: It's so wonderful to see all the children open their results, and we are so proud of them.

"This is what it's all about, all that hard work has paid off and it's lovely to see their smiley happy faces."

Lakelands Academy in Ellesmere was pleased to see more than 20 per cent of results at an A* or A grade, and staff were thrilled with their students.

Meanwhile, 78 per cent of students Thomas Adams School in Wem with over 20 per cent at A* and A grades.

The school also saw 81 per cent of students gain five or more A*-C grades overall.

It was a record breaking year for The Marches School in Oswestry with 99 per cent of students achieving at least five GCSE passes and 74 per cent of students achieving five or more A*-C grades, including English and Maths.

More than 220 students received their results yesterday with more than 80 per cent of students achieving an A*-C in English and 79 per cent in maths.

Head teacher Sarah Longville, said: "Our motto at The Marches is 'achievement through caring' and our results are testament to this. We are a truly comprehensive school and these results prove that we deliver a curriculum to suit all abilities; stretching and challenging the most able, whilst supporting and nurturing all students to achieve their personal best.

"This has been an exceptionally talented year group who have fully met, and in many cases, exceeded our expectations. Revision sessions and grade improvement activities were always well attended, demonstrating students' commitment and dedication to their education."

Student Autumn Cass whose 11 GCSEs included five A and two A* grades, said: "We were all very worried this year because the exam grading system changed this year.

"The percentage bands were lowered and nationally there had been a big dip in results expected."

"I am so relieved."

Marches head girl, Emily Ball, who had five As and five Bs was looking forward to a double celebration as older sister Nicola last week achieved the A-level grades she needed to get into Liverpool university.

Head boy, Stuart Green, (five A*s, three As and two Bs) said they were better than he had hoped for.

"The staff have been really supportive over the past five years," he said.

Henry Jones said his four A* and six A grades were a great relief while Alex Keir said he was delighted with his results which included six A*s.

Will Napper from St Martins said he was very pleased with his results and said that he had also thoroughly enjoyed his years at the Marches, which had included being part of the student leadership programme and taking part in an expedition to Romania.

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