You're nicked! Policeman who won award for catching Telford shoplifter was inspired by The Bill

A policeman has told how watching The Bill inspired him to join the force.

PC Khizer Mehmood receives his Chief Superintendent's Commendation Award. Picture: Phil Nock.
PC Khizer Mehmood receives his Chief Superintendent's Commendation Award. Picture: Phil Nock.

PC Khizer Mehmood had a lifelong ambition to join the police, partially inspired by the popular TV show, but also his uncle who served with West Midlands Police.

Despite his uncle serving with a different force for nearly 20 years, Khizer decided he wanted to join his local force, which is why he applied to be a constable with West Mercia over three years ago.

The 25-year-old said: “Ever since a very young age I always dreamt of doing this job. I was mainly influenced from hearing some very cool and inspirational stories from my uncle, who recently retired from West Midlands Police.

"But I was also a very loyal fan of the TV show The Bill, which I would religiously watch, albeit there is a lot more paperwork than they showed on the screens, but the excitement and thrill is definitely accurate.

“When I decided it was time to start my policing career I chose West Mercia Police as it is the local police force that covers Telford, which is where I have grown up and spent my entire life."

Khizer, who is based with the force in Shrewsbury, started his policing career by joining West Mercia’s Police Cadets at the age 16, before becoming a Police Support Volunteer, a Special Constable and then a Police Community Support Officer.

He said: “All the roles I did before applying were great, and I thoroughly enjoyed and saw each position as a stepping stone to achieving my all-time goal of being a police constable, which I have now been for over three years.

“I enjoy working in a large dedicated team of like-minded individuals, who all work towards the same goal and have a joint purpose which includes protecting and helping people within our communities on a daily basis."

Khizer added: “I love the thrill and excitement, and the concept of not knowing what to expect each and every day at work – no two days are the same being a police officer, and you have to be constantly thinking on your feet and be ready to deal with the unexpected.

“My work colleagues are like family – they are the first people I turn to after dealing with any traumatic or upsetting incident, and the support we provide one another is key. There is also so much support available within the force, which I have previously taken up due to various reasons.”

In May, Khizer was award a Chief Superintendent's Commendation Award for helping to catch a prolific shoplifter in Telford while off duty. Khizer had just finished a late shift, when he stopped off at a shop on the way home where he witnessed the theft take place. Without thinking, Khizer was quick to act and arrested the man before he could flee the scene.

Receiving the award, Khizer said it reminded him why he does the job that he does – to keep our communities safe.

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