Apology by teen accused of Telford murder part of a 'horrible convoluted lie'

A defendant's apology in the witness box to the family of a man who died in an attack in Telford was part of a 'horrible convoluted lie", a jury has been told.

Peter Cairns
Peter Cairns

The prosecutor in the trial of three teenagers accused of the murder of Peter Cairns, 26, on the Silkin Way footpath near Stonebridge Close, has been continuing her closing speech.

The youngsters, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are also charged with causing assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Mr Cairns' friend, Kaine Bushell on the same day, June 11, 2021, which they also deny.

Lisa Wilding QC, prosecuting, is making the case at Stafford Crown Court, that all three of the defendants acted together with the intention of going to Brookside in the town to cause serious injury to a rival gang.

Referring to the apology of one of the three, Ms Wilding said: "You must ask yourselves was it genuine, was it from the heart, designed to comfort the family of Peter Cairns or designed to make him look better in your eyes."

She added that the defendant "gave himself away when he said to the family that if he had known Peter Cairns had been seriously injured then he would have got help."

The young man had admitted seeing blood on the victim's Aston Villa shirt, and it was clear and obvious that he needed help.

"He had just said it to make someone else responsible. It was a horrible, convoluted lie," she added.

She added: "You can't believe a word he says. He only serves to help himself, is never truthful and is lying through his teeth."

Ms Wilding added that this defendant was a "young man with a hair trigger to use violence."

It had been a 'nonsense' argument to say that he had gone from Kaine Bushell to Peter Cairns to stop him being attacked.

"They were out hunting people in Brookside."

The defendant was "masked up, tooled up and part of a gang, using a weapon stored in the HQ of a gang".

The Crown says that defendants in the case knew what they were doing, and had joined in an assault first on Kaine Bushell and then on his friend Peter Cairns.

"Mr Bushell had been holding his friend in the undergrowth as he bled to death," Ms Wilding said.

She added that Mr Bushell had just had a baby, and was out with his mate on a warm afternoon, messing around with a moped. They had been happy until they came across the gang near the Castlefields underpass, she added.

In her criticism of another defendant, Ms Wilding said he had been the instigator by encouraging another defendant to show Mr Bushell a Samurai sword. The group had taken offence at Mr Bushell speaking to them.

The jury heard that Mr Bushell had been hit with a wheelbrace and struck on the back with a blunt Samurai sword. He had run off scared after seeing another one of the gang wielding a knife.

"And that's what got Pete," is what Ms Wilding said Mr Bushell had said in the witness box. The attack had turned to Mr Cairns.

The defendants have argued that they acted in self defence. Ms Wilding who played CCTV footage to the jury, said one of the defendants had been "happy, gloating perhaps, after the violence had been used. He had used a knife on someone three months before".

She said a case for them being in fear of Kaine Bushell was "a nonsense."

"They had all moved from Kaine Bushell further up the park, to Peter Cairns," she said.

"There was an attitude of a hair trigger where violence would start."

One of the defendants had said that Mr Bushell was attacked after looking at the gang.

"Is it genuine and truthful, or an attempt to justify violence that was completely over the top," Ms Wilding said.

Ms Wilding added that the group had tooled up with weapons at their HQ.

"You can be sure that by the time that the group left the shed, when you look at the totality of the evidence, they all had weapons and they all knew it."

Ms Wilding is concluding her case against the third defendant this afternoon. Three defence barristers will then have their opportunity to speak.

The case continues.

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